Strawberry fields

Let me take you down 'cos I’m going to strawberry fields…
Yeah strawberry picking season is here. At the Harada Strawberry Farm, ¥1200 (R120) gets you 30 minutes, a plastic tray and unlimited condensed milk top-ups. A ¥1200 box of strawberries holds about 36-40 strawberries.

To make it worthwhile, you need to be a fiend.

For me that’s something that comes naturally…

You pay your money at a kiosk near the road and they take you to the field in a dinky little van with Monsters’ inc. plushies and a friendly but slightly crazy old lady in the driver’s seat.
you then set about fiending as many strawberries as you possibly can in 30 minutes. I lost count at about 25 and that was in about 15 minutes so I definately got my money’s worth. Try find me any South African who wouldn’t do the same.

Especially when they were so big and juicy!

There were many rows with 4 different breeds of strawberry. I liked the ones furthest from the entrance(I think they were Yayoihime which are are a Gunma Original) The way I saw it was the bees were hanging around that breed’s flowers more than the other’s so they must like the pollen better. I daresay, the strawberries themselves were a cut above the others. The many bees and distance from the entrance also meant there were more prime berries and lest competition to eat them.
I filled myself up with as many strawberries as I could possibly fit in me and I suggest if you have the time, you do the same… and soon, lest I go back and fiend more!

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