Golden Week Volunteering 2012: Part 2 –Revisiting Rikuzentakata

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After the first day’s work we took the first timers over to Rikuzentakata to get an idea of the level of devastation that the tsunami caused because in Ofunato, the amazing pace of the cleaning and reconstruction effort had hidden the scale of the damage. Things had not changed terribly much since I went in September, but for those who had not been back since last year golden week, they could see how much clearing had been done since…


Touhoku ~5 hit combo~

when shots are taken with iPhones, its sometimes nice to use an app to give them a little more vavavoom than the tiny ass cell phone cam can provide. At least it’s not instagram ;)

Golden Week Volunteering 2012: Part 1 - Sanriku Ditches

I went back to Ofunato this golden week. This time however I was in a rather large company of ALTs who wanted to join me. There were two who had been before but all the rest were first timers.


Love Rock 7 2012-04-21 @ Trust55

This is not so much of a live report really. Franky was having another Love Rock event and Quintet performance was going to be getting back together for it. I had been busy for the last few so I made a special point of going to this one.

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ARCH ENEMY Japanese Khaos Tour –Yokohama Blitz 2012-04-14 LIVE REPORT


I saw Arch Enemy live!

Essentially that sums up the whole live … but you can click the Jump if you want more details!