Cyberpunk Shinjuku #Random Japan.

I'm surprised I could hold the camera steady enough to shoot this after the amount I had to drink.


Harajuku Dark #TokyoStreets




Harajuku Light #TokyoStreets



Slices of daily life #RandomJapan

Brief glimpses of the hum-drum, day-to-day reality of life in Japan. #RealJapan

Music by MannyMarx


Realpolitik, daily life and trains #7Days7Minutes (2015-09-21)

No Shibuya for a change ;) Though I'm really amazed and quite proud that Japanese people are finally realising that they need to take control of their government!

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Music by Tyler Abstract
and Manny Marx


A long walk from Shibuya to Oimachi | JAPAN, How It Is.

Shot in Spring, Edited and released in Autumn. That super fast turnaround time is why The Germanator is joining the fray. On the bright side, this is long enough that you can digest through it for the next 6 months it takes me to work through some of my other backlogged videos ;)

The title is self explanatory, I took a walk through Tokyo and you get to join me on it.

World How It Is Official channel
My Co-Producer, The Germanator

*1 04:33 If you get this reference, tell me if you can spot the others I make from the same source.

*2 08:03 Review of Suzuran in Ebisu.

*3 15:08 No. It's the Yamanote line, but the cut was so obvious that I thought I'd make a joke that only English Teachers in Japan would truly appreciate.

*4 17:19 https://youtu.be/BRDBvKGc1fE

*5 21:26 Sam and Joe 

*6 24:27 Orion Beer. Google it!

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