On an off day during the volunteering trip we hit up Jodogahama. We then drove inland to Iwate’s capital city. Morioka was nothing like what I had expected it to be. In a good way.


Frikkin’ Dinosaurs!


When we went to Tohoku in golden week. We took a trip up the coast (again for me) to Jodogahama. Repairs have come along a bit since last summer. They now have frikkin’ DINOSAURS!!!!!


No idea why though. It does suit the scenery i suppose. all we needed was some of THIS.


Portraits #9


Shot by a friend who jacked my cam.


VERSAILLES spring tour 2012 @Takasaki ClubFLEEZ 2012-05-20 LIVE REPORT

The first time I saw Versailles was at the Chateau du Versailles tour final a long arse time ago... The last time I saw them was before they officially announced Masashi as their bassist That was pretty damn spectacular, but since then, I have been to some even more amazing live events and while the memory of the first time will never fade, the impact has since been superseded by the likes of Children of Bodom, BLOOD STAIN CHILD and Deluhi. On the 20th of May 2012, Versailles struck back!