The 宇チューJins Live in Takasaki ~5 hit combo~

One of the better smalltime bands from Gunma. The 宇チューJins (pr. The Uchuujins) tore up the stage at Club Fleez in Takasaki a while back. Here are 5 shots I took at the live.
If you want to know how they sound? Check out their album “Makla 'Tosh” for yourself:
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Incidentally I also shot the photo on their album cover ;)



I have been to Asakusa many times. It is something tourists love. It is easy to see and it is one of those ‘must do ONCE’ things if you are visiting Tokyo. It gets boring after a while. so the last time I took my visiting friends there, I decided that instead of taking photos of things I already have photos of, It would be more fun to take photos taking photos.


Yamagata City.

P1310134A while back the cat had to go do some singing at a obscure little town in Yamagata (the name of which I have since forgotten. While she did that, I went for a little drive to the capital of that prefecture to see what there was to see.

Shots #89 If a taxi crashes in the woods…


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