The Silver Lining ~5 hit combo~


the juxtaposition of beauty amidst devastation in Touhoku.




Shots# 53 H&M Building in Harajuku


Rusty Note ~ Shibu Rock Fes 2011 VIDEO

I will get confirmation on this on but I think the song is called “Rock and Roll Diet”
The song is called "Metaboking" 「メタボキング」

What do you think?


Rusty Note ~ Shibu Rock Fes 2011

I heard about this little event from a teacher who lives in Shibs but works in Annaka. He happens to be a guitarist as well. After never having time, I went to see his band at the Shibukawa Rock Festival … Since the mother had met him as well i took her and  we mad a morning of it.


Kesenuma, Miyagi ~ On the way

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We headed back to Gunma on the Thursday Public holiday at the end of golden week. Since we were so close and the news flashes from there were so vivid, we decided to go back via Kesenuma.

Rikuzentakata, Iwate ~ Crushing Reality

The heavy crews had been in the city and gathered up most of the debris into piles of sorts. They had also gathered all the cars they didn’t have any record of the owners for and placed them in a bit of a car purgatory.
PANORAMA 003 Rikuzentakada Car dump 2 SMALL


Work in Progress




For my Lady’s’s litle brother. He likes construction vehicles. I am probably putting too much effort into it. But hey. I need to draw more :p


Rikuzentakata, Iwate ~ Holy Shit!

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Ofunato looked like a destroyed city. Rikuzentakata was wiped off the face of the Earth.

This was the real eye opener for me…


Ofunato, Iwate, Volunteering ~ The Shock.

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Up until this point, the Tsunami damage I had seen was bad but it was not the worst. The evening news had shown me otherwise but I had not properly seen it from ground level. There were glimpses off in the distance. and it looked bad but it felt like it was not my concern. After all I had stuff to do, and to be honest, I felt good doing it…
We went on a disaster tour of Ofunato… The reality of the situation was rather more horrific than anything you can truly describe, or for that matter take pictures of. “Force of nature” was given a whole new bone chilling definition, just 1km down the road.


Ofunato, Iwate, Volunteering ~ Into the Fray

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The first day had us zombified yet amped for duty. We headed out to the Ofunato City Volunteer Centre at the City offices and signed up.


Ofunato, Iwate, Volunteering ~ The Journey

So if you didn’t already know, about 2 months ago Japan was hit by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake which generated a huge Tsunami that effectively destroyed the north east coast of the country and a Nuclear power plant on said coastline. Not to say the nuclear disaster isn’t a bad one. All disasters are disastrous. But it seems to be getting a disproportionately large amount of news coverage, both here and especially abroad.
Lets not forget that there was a tsunami… and it was big.


Time and Tide


Sorry for the delay. I was in Ofunato City (Iwate pref.) with some other Gunma ALTs doing some volunteer work. There will be a few posts on the subject as soon as I re-adapt to normality (which is taking a little longer than I thought.)