A slammed glimpse into my S14's future.

Last night at the 「Yuki's Night」night-meet, at Takasaka Service Area on the Kan-Etsu expressway (In Saitama, just North of Tokyo), I got an Idea of how the mods I planned to do to my new S14 would eventually look. 

The GT-R R33 wheels, The lowered stance, The slightly augmented stock aero. It was all there... And it looked even better than I imagined it would. The trouble is, that now I've seen it, I know it's been done already, so I have to think of a way to set mine apart when the time comes.

Thankfully, my woefully inadequate salary means that it's not something I need to worry about anytime in the near future.

But as someone on his 3rd S14 which was bought because it was cheap, more than anything else, my faith in the S14's looks and my urge to build mine has been renewed.

Now to find a way get people to pay me appropriately for my work, so I can make mine this cool.

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