CAKE! And it's not a lie!

Up day the 2 special needs groups at my school for some culinary chaos. They made Christmas cakes. Some students cut paper stencils to decorate their cakes. One student who loves the Touhou Project wanted her drawing of Rumia to be on hers.

Incidentally. the blogger app for iOS works... just not very well.


Live Hangout about the M7.3 quake off the coast of Iwate pref.

pic from tenki.jp (Click pic for source)
There was an M7.3  today at 17:13 in the same fault as the big one on in March 2011. Where I live it was Shindo 4 which is a measurement of percieved intensity. 4 is not common in these parts. There was a Tsunami warning in effect on the coast. The sirens rang out and people were evacuated. Thankfully the larest tsunami was only 1 meter and it struck an area where the land was not at 0m. A 1 meter wave in parts of Iwate would have been dangerous. because the tsunami barriers were all destroyed in 2011. 

Ofunato City only had a 20cm wave so everything there is OK. I called one of my mates who was cold because he was on his way up a hill but other than that, he was fine.

Below is a google hangout recording that I took earlier on. It is 30 minutes long and it was live so my thoughts come out of my mouth as they arrive and I am often distracted by the TV news. But hey. If you have time to kill. Check it out.

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