I wish I had a Unicorn…

My buddies back home freestyling at my last braai during the holidays back home,
You want to know where I come from.... This is where I come from.

Incidentally this has nothing to do with Japan.


Best snow day so far…

Last week It actually snowed enough for the roads to get dangerous (or fun if you can drive).
Thanks to La Niña, the first year I bother to buy studless tires, there is no bloody snow to warrant them. It was good to finally see if they actually made that much of a difference...


The Pilansberg National Park: 2

continued from here

With the elephants behind us we headed off to ward the middle of the park where there is a bit of a rest stop. A long the way we encountered some striped donkeys.


The Pilansberg National Park: 1


The Cat’s folks came to SA to meet my folks and since they were there I figured that They can’t be in Africa without going on safari. We didn’t have enough time to go all the way to Kruger so we went to the closest big 5 park to Joburg… The Pilansberg National Park…


10 Patty Tower Cheese Burger of DOOM! - (It's not Sushi 03)

in 2010 Lotteria (A Japanese fast food chain) had a 10 patty tower cheese burger. Some mates of mine manned up to the challenge.
It is old footage to be fair but since there are frequently big tower burger specials from many of the chains in Japan, It is still pretty relevant today.

WARNING! It's not for the faint of stomach.