Momentum Factory Orii (JETRO)

This article is about a Toyama Based company called Momentum Factory Orii. It's a 3rd generation family business that specialises in the colouring and restoration of bronze sculptures as well as the creation of some very hi end coloured bronze or copper panels using some nifty traditional science.


Momentum Factory Orii - Brass and Copper Coloring and Restoration

The science of art

The company was established in 1950 by Takejiro Orii in Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture. They specialized in the coloring of brass by using chemical reactions to form an oxidized layer that protects the brass from the elements but can also give it a different hue. While the coloring process is based on scientific principles, the means by which these chemical reactions are created are a traditional technique that has been passed down three generations to the current CEO, Koji Orii.

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As before, Here are some of the extra shots I took on the day in a decent resolution there are quite e few so be sure to hit the jump and check out the rest on flickr:

momentum-factory-orii-11 Koji Orii, CEO of Momentum Factory Orii momentum-factory-orii-25
momentum-factory-orii-6 momentum-factory-orii-16 momentum-factory-orii-12

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