Souvenirs for Initial D fans #BecauseJapan

Mt. Haruna in Gunma Prefecture is famous for playing the role of Mt. Akina in Initial D. 

For the tiny town atop the mountain this means a good deal of tourists head up there to drive  the legendary mountain pass, take their ladies on dates to the lake and buy souvenirs, like these Initial D cookies and cakes. On a Shoot for Takasaki City, I had a chance to go up there during the day for a change, and (as I wan't driving) didn't blast past the town at pace, on my way to the ura-haruna mountain pass (which is an epic driving road) as I used to do back when I lived at the bottom of this mountain... So I got to take these pics ;)


Daruma, Gunma, tripping and more... | 7 Days 7 Minutes (2015-06-22)

I went back to Gunma in this week. I missed it so much thjat I flooded this 7 days 7 minutes with footage from there. It's also, one of the most random 7D7M episodes I've ever made.

"Chillin'" by DJ Russell CrossFire 

 "Illumination" by Little Light 



shot at the Daruma Buddhist Temple in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan.


Duet and a sexy wallpaper

Since switching to the macbook, the lack of screen real estate has been a big problem, especially for work. Since i had the old retina iPad I looked into screensharing apps to get a little more space on my desktop. I settle don duet because it works over the USB cable, not wifi, so there is less lag. It does the job. I now have a place to dump my footage library in premier, making editing a little less cluttered. Yes a proper display would have been both bigger and faster... but I'm poor and the app was way cheaper than an actual display.

I've also sliced up a few of my photos to use as wallpapers on it. I reckon you guys might like this one, from the 2015 Tokyo Autosalon, so I'm putting it up. feel free to use as a wallpaper on any device you want. If you wanna do more with it, drop me a line and we can discuss things (I can also give you a better res version).


Yellow RX7 - Mt Akagi #JapaneseRides

I saw this sweet customer ride parked at Rings' Auto Shop on Mt. Akagi (Gunma, Japan)


Obama makes the best fish in the world!

I had work in Obama, Fukui Prefecture so I've hogged this 7 days 7 minutes with some drives, panoramas and a little left over work footage of the town, the surrounding countryside and it's primary delicacy. Fresh grilled fish.

There is a dash of Tokyo in there too for those of you who like the big, boring city.

"Give it Up (Start Again)" by snowflake (feat. Subliminal)

Licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.


Daikoku - a petrolhead's Mecca #JapaneseRides

When some mates were over earlier in the year, they rented a sports car and enlisted me as the driver. When you have a couple of petrolheads to show around there is only one place to Take them.

I took too many shots to stick on here... I put the rest on FLICKR.