Wash your hands after playing in the park | #RealJapan

Japan, more often than not, is just a regular place. It just doesn't give the west an ethnocentric hard-on like jerk-off game shows and kyoto temples.


Riding, Shibuya & your opinion | 7Days 7 Minutes (2015 -05-11)

Music: Jetstream By MacSharks (LiquidData royalty free music pack)

00:00 Riding Intervals (5 seconds every 2 minutes) (Ota Ward)
01:11 Your thoughts on my thoughts
02:15 Intersecting (Shibuya)
03:11 Riding Realtime (Kawasaki)
04:11 A Shibuya crossing that's not THE Shibuya crossing
05:11 River Ridelapse (Setagaya Ward)
06:11 Reflections


Best parking location on earth! - Shots #146

clicking the pic makes it bigger  ;)

While it's only a Mondial, A classic Ferrari is a classic Ferrari, and what better place to park a classic Fezzer than the infamous Shibuya Scramble.


Yoyogi Park, Tequila, DIONYSUS & more | 10 DAYS // 10 MINUTES (2015-05-01)

because April was a full month backlog, I needed to add an extra 3 days to the beginning of May to get back to a weekly vid.

music:"Amari wakaranai kedo" by kulimu (feat. irish4t, Tsurutin)
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:


Custom Cup Noodle ✕ The DOOK | Random Japan

The Cat went to the Cup Noodle museum in Yokohama and made me custom meaty curry cup and festooned the front with a portrait of the legendary DOOK!


Epic BMX, Pixellated Sushi, Tokyo cats and more | 7 Days. 7 Minutes - April 2015

April just got away from me so I decided to stick all the best clips into one video and bring things back on schedule.

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Music by:
DJ Russel CrossFire
Manny Marx


Nagoya Cat Shrine | Random Japan

A little shrine near Nagoya Station that has it's own colony of furry felines.

music: Mr. Punch by The Living


Odawara Ramen - Aji Ichi Houjou(小田原らーめん鯵壱北條。)| It's Not Sushi

Finally working through some of the backlogged videos. First up was a random ramen encounter at Aji Ichi Houjou in Odawara. The four of us were all working at the same part-time gig and we are all big fans of the bowl so it was only natural that we dined out at one of the local establishments on our lunch break.