Tied Hog - One sexy beast of a bike - #TokyoStreets

I love the look of cruisers. While I'd most likely get a sport bike when the time comes, there is something about the cruiser that encompasses the motorcycle experience in a way that no other style of bike can. This bousozoku-ish example spotted in the Higashi-Nipponbash area of Tokyo manages to exemplify the best of both the cruiser world and the underground, rebellious bent nail that refuses to give in to the monolithic, monstrous hammer that is Japanese society. While i didn't see the owner, I have a feeling that he/she and I could probably enjoy a good chat over a few beers.


Yoyogi Park Hanami #TokyoStreets

I got a new (old) Minolta MC Rokkor 50mm f1.4 lens which I adapted to my a7S and I happened to be near Yoyogi Park with the combo at the height of the cherry blossom blooming this year.

There are a few more shots in the flickr gallery.


Tokyo, How it is - Shots #145

Tokyo, How it is

Happy Politicians, Driving in the mountains, sakura & more | 7 Days 7 Minutes (2015-03-23)

"Rainstorm" by Tyler Abstract
"Do you really care?" and "Resample Beat" by Manny Marx

0:00 Days of Thunder (Fuji Speedway)
1:00 My natural habitat (driving in the mountains of Shizuoka)
2:04 Epic Design (sticker graffiti around Shibuya and Harajuku)
3:03 Fuel Tank (Yoyogi Park)
4:05 SMILE! (Mac Akasaka at Shibuya Station)
5:14 Time and Tide (Shibuya)
6:06 Hanami (Yoyogi Park)


Daikoku Parking Area, Landmark Tower, Dancers and more | 7 Days 7 Minutes (2015-03-16)

0:00 Barbed-wire sunset (Saginuma, Kawasaki)
0:43 Dance is peace (Shibuya, Tokyo)
1:43 Forever alone (Shibuya, Tokyo)
2:43 Calling the faithful to eat (Higashinihonbashi, Tokyo
3:25 guru guru guru guru guru guru guru guru guru guru guru guru (Kawasaki)
4:25 Second Place (Landmark Tower, Yokohama)
5:22 Nocturnal Predators (Daikoku PA, Yokohama)


Tokyo Glory Hole

 Tokyo Glory Hole

  Tokyo Glory Hole

  Tokyo Glory Hole

  Tokyo Glory Hole

  Tokyo Glory Hole

I found a glory hole just behind the towering Dentsu skyscrapers. Where there is money, there is always sleaze.


darc.jp - back up, after a fashion.

some of you may have noticed my site has been down for a while. I ran out of money for hosting and with the grid launching soon (hopefully) I decided not to drop big money on the pricy server I used before. But circumstance has forced my hand and I needed to at least get a place holder/email addys up again, so I got a cheapo Japanese host for a a few months and put this up. The final product is going to be quite a bit different but till then, at least my URL goes somewhere ;)


Shibuya - An average Friday night | Random Japan Phonesnaps

Last Friday in Shibuya. Nothing special going on. Just some snaps with my phone on a typical Friday night to show you guys exactly how it is.