Shibuya's Iconic Hachiko statue Desecrated!!!

In Shibuya yesterday I passed the Hachiko statue and it had been desecrated in the most garish, disgusting way. Taking this iconic statue and defacing it with plastic and fluff, reducing it to the level of Tokyo's endless supply of plastic faced, fluff-for-brains fashionistas.

That vacant stare of the fashion model in the poster, are lenses into the vast void that resides behind every fashionista's makeup. Soulless meat mannequins and their endless consumption of useless garbage, reducing one of the few real, true and meaningful, timeless things in Shibuya to yet another split second fong-kong, plastic throw-away novelty.


Shots #135 Hikonyan

Hikonyan. Hikone City's official Mascot.


REVIEW: SJ4000 HD Action Cam (AkihabaraNews.com)

My latest Review

FauxPro Review.plate
The FauxPro: Showcasing SJCAM’s almost but not quite GoPro, the SJ4000 HD
The SJCAM SJ4000 action camera comes in a box that has no branding or name printed any of the surfaces. Apart from “SPORTS HD DV water resistant 30m,” there is nothing telling you who made it… Which is downright shady.
Pop it out of its box, and you will immediately recognize the design ‘inspiration’ for the camera. It is, for all intents and purposes, a knock-off GoPro, and as such, for the rest of this review it shall be called the FauxPro.

Read the rest of the review on AkihabaraNews.com

more of my stuff on the green pig here.


It's Not Sushi - ¥500 Curry Near the Tokyo Skytree

I stumbled upon this rather epic Restaurant near the Tokyo Skytree and had a rather mouthwatering ¥500 curry.


7 Days 7 Minutes (2014-09-15) Mt Fuji, iFools, respecting old peeps and more...

00:00 MONDAY Respect for the aged day
00:57 TUESDAY Gaienmae
02:01 notWEDNESDAY It IS Sushi
03:59 notFRIDAY iFools
05:01 notSATURDAY Mt. Fuji
06:02 notSUNDAY Peeps

TUESDAY Location:

Omotesando Apple Store:

notSATURDAY location:

notSUNDAY Location:


Shots #133 Only in Japan

Ted seems to be working part time at the Don Quixote in Miyazakidai.


OSAKA - Highlighting Japan - September 2014

My latest published piece for the government run Highlighting Japan.

Writing, Photos, Video all by me.

Click through to this link if you're on a computer and click the play video button to watch it. do it. It's good. It also features Manny Marx's music. If you're on a phone/tablet... try it and let me know if it works for you...

it didn't for me and there is no way to directly view the video (even government magazines have bureaucracy it seems)

If you just want to read the article you have a few more options:

PDF, HTML, screenshot

but I really recommend the video.

The magazine itself is available on Kindle but this issue isn't out yet. and should be on Google Books/iTunes soon. I'll post a post when it happens.


Casio Sent some new toys (EX-FR10 )

I'm going to be playing with their new  (action?) camera for a little while. As always, WHen I'm done, the review will be on akihabaranews.com. As always. On paper, Casio cameras seem like gimmicks but in person they are extremely high quality and very appealing. I wonder how good the image and video quality will be.


8 Days 7 Minutes 2014-09-1 A buddy's farewell, Shiga, filters and more

Working out the backlog that's built up over the last 2 weeks.Because I've been too busy to think, let alone edit.

 It's just another random mashup of Japan. And my life in it.