Heart Transplant

P1210673One of my buddies wrote off his Silvia S15 recently. He got himself 2 S14s to replace it. The first had a Tomei Power Complete 2.2 litre engine but the body was scrap. The second was an engineless body. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what needed to be done.


Love Rock 4 @ Trust 55–Takasaki (2011-10-09) Video Test.

The sound sucks because there is no way to change levels on my cam.

IJust wanted to check how the footage in a live would come out.


Love Rock 4 @ Trust 55–Takasaki (2011-10-09) Live Report of sorts… PART 2


Continued from here.

So having built up a charge of energy worthy of a metal show far beyond that which I had expected for a show of this size. I waited to see if the following band would do anything to let me release that charge…

In two words… FU*K YES!


Love Rock 4 @ Trust 55–Takasaki (2011-10-09) Live Report of sorts… PART 1

We just had another long weekend in Japan and slap bang in the middle of it was another one of those big small live festivals at Trust 55 in Takasaki. After making so many friends the last time, I knew my lady and I would have fun at this event. I was right…


I am whole once more…


I have been waiting a long time for this day. I forgot how frustrating a normal car could be. but thankfully that is no more. Getting hit by a bus is never good, but sometimes (with a little help from insurance) things can work out well.

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Mizusawa Shrine

P1200394Located somewhere on Mt. Haruna’s thighs is the little village of Mizusawa. Famous for it’s udon and it”s shrine complex.  Being only 15 minutes away from my house I have made a number of visits to the various udon establishments there. Though I always knew the shrine was there, I never had any inclination to go there. Till my lady said she wanted to :p