A close friend of mine came on her (annual?) pilgrimage to Japan and after many attempts I finally convinced her to come to Gunma. Being the end of winter (the idiot weathermen in Tokyo insist on calling it spring… screw them) things were a bit frigid. Regardless we had a fun time.

Being the good friend that I am, I unleashed a hoard of primary schoolers at her and she handled it pretty well. The kids thoroughly enjoyed her and asked a few rather interesting questions. Thankfully, nothing too interesting if you know what I mean. I was happy to take a break from the hard work for a while. As she discovered, primary school is tiring… and we didn’t even play outside.
We hit up an onsen and karaoke that night followed by a trip to Kusatsu the next day.
We decided to take a look at whether we could make it up to yu-gama but much to my dismay the road was closed half way up Mt. Shirane for skiers. I dont care how much snow there is… roads are for cars and if they could plough half the way up they could go the whole way up. The snow bunnies can slippy slide down every other slope of the mountain that doesn’t have a road on it.
For what it’s worth though she did get to see more snow than she had seen in her life before. hell it was the only the 3rd or 4th time in my life that I had seen that much snow. So it was fun. I also got to stretch my car’s legs a bit which doesn’t happen much in winter.
We returend to Shibs that evening and I introduced her to some of the people I meet and chat to now and then. I must say though. If I had 100 yen for every time someone told her how good her Japanese was, I would be able to put at least 10 litres of hi-octane in my tank right now. Though she does indeed speak great Japanese.

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