Hachiko is the famous dog that waited for his master at the train station for 9 years after he had died. There was even a movie about him. At Shibuya Station there is a statue of him which serves as a landmark for many people to meet each other before moving off to so whatever it is they will do.


The statue’s fame was obviously not lost on the marketing team for Softbank who placed this outside the Shibuya Yamada Denki Labi1.



Portraits #9


And there was light.

Another year has come to an end and with that comes another trip to the top of Mt.Haruna to see the illumination. We once again made our way to the top of the mountain to see the spectacular.


New Toy


I know it’s not the best lens in the catalogue and that you all have one lying around cos you got it with your kit… but I didn’t and with the release of the powerzoom model these now go for ¥7000 brand new on Yahoo Auctions. It’s practically free. Gives my landscapes and skies more width so I am pretty happy. Now we just need to see how the LUMIX GH3 performs before I decide whether I spend money on a dinosaur mirrorbox monstrosity or if I stay with the future of cameras (m4/3) and shell out for some Xseries lenses.



It was not my intention to make a timelapse but the shots I took happen to work as one.


Total Eclipse of the Hea…Moon

All eclipses are spectacular events. Times when we can glimpse the true complexity of the system we inhabit first hand. They give us a sense of perspective, and remind us how amazing being a life-form on this planet really is…
The Gunma Astronomical Observatory had had an event of sorts and many people braved the freezing temperatures to witness this cosmic phenomenon. I have personally seen a rather large number of lunar eclipses but to my memory this is the first time I had seen a total one not to mention one that took so long.
Sadly the realisation of out place in the universe was lost on the vast majority who looked upon the spectacle. I sadly had to return to earth after some time and with that the lies and webs of bullshit that society has buried itself in washed back over me smothering the short time of enlightenment I had with routine and the never-ending human quest to acquire more and more useless stuff. The sad thing i that I know it and I still can’t escape.



Winter is here... Time deal with all the UNI-CLO (Japanese Mr.Price) worshippers going on and on about their trademarked HEAT TECH crap as if it is some magical all fixing wonder clothing. You can buy cheap polyester from any old store and save on the trademark premium. Of course you wont be as cool as uniclones, but who wants to be cool in winter?