Summer Fun ~ MEAT & METAL!!!!

So I have been having a bunch of fun this summer and hence have neglected this blog  for a little bit… Time to fill you all in.
First off… A braai with my people. Yeah it has taken almost a year but thanks to Dan, I have dug up some shweet people here that resemble real human beings… the pics show it all… Tattoos, Piercings, whatever fashion sense and they listen to good music too.
The setting was a rather beautiful and well tended park just past AEON mall in Takasaki. Dan and Eddie hit costco the day before as well so they had a CRAPLOAD of real MEAT!
It may not seem like much to you guys out in the west… but when you have been in Japan a year real ground beef patties taste like god shot his load in your mouth. no really… THAT GOOD!

Was the best braai I have had in my year here without a doubt. Great food, great humans and some really fun and somewhat funny memories. SUMMER FTW!braai-japan5


Turbo Lag… of NOTE!

This is an update.

So about a month ago, Yoshi did me another favour on the car front… My Turbo Gasket had gone and I had no power. basically it spooled to level but it gave no boost. So I ordered a new gasket and in his free time he put it in for me.


After removing the turbo, which was a bit of a hassle because of Nissan’s low mounted manifold, The gasket was found and removed… Yoshi also welded up the useless coolant lines and removed some random crap that was un nececary… safety devices and factory boost controllers and such.


Upon closer inspection, the turbine seemed to be a bit sticky which was a little worrisome but there is not much one can do about it till you put it in and see if its actually dead or if it was just the gasket.

s14_turbo_2 s14_turbo

We also plugged in the Blitz Blow off Valve that I got from him last year. If not why not.blitz_BOV

Plugged everything back together, tightened all the bolts and…

FOKOL… the turbo bearings had seized (gasses didn’t go anywhere, they need to escape so they blew the gasket and found freedom) So basically till I can find me another Turbo (affordable) my Silvia Ks, Drives like a Silva Qs. which sucks a bit.


Anyone have an SR20DET Turbo that they wanna pass to me for 30 odd thousand yen, hit me up.


Oh yeah my rear left Axle member needs replacing too… a casualty of my trip to the Neri Touge.



TLDR: I need a new turbo and axle member =___=;


Summer Beach Fashion… Gunma style

Because everyone knows that Gunma is the hip, happening centre of Japan and about as far away from the sea as one could get on this tiny island, I thought I would enlighten you all to what is hip and happening on the beaches this summer. Yes sexy ladies your beach wardrobe will not be complete without the all important bright afro wig!

better get one now to match your Gyaru tan!



facebookers, remember to visit the actual blog: http://www.bakadaruku.blogspot.com because I said so!


Shibukawa Seisui High School Festival


Anyone who has watched a High School anime series (at least half of my 700 odd friends on the book of face) will know what a High School Festival is… For those of you who have no interest in Japanese Cartoons (Yes I am a big fan of them but I they are what they are.) anyway… for the rest of you… if logic has not kicked in yet… A school festival is essentially a fête (and if you still don't know what that is then 仕方がない)




Brian mailed us to give it a squiz, SO Michelle and I rolled up the hill to see what the big deal was. I was keen to just see some of my old 3rd graders because I did (and still do) miss them terribly.

Each class basically had a stall/shop/event and many of the extra mural clubs had something going on as well. IT WAS MAYHEM! Absolute total Mayhem. Which basically translates to some of the best fun I have had here since the Dashi Matsuri.




As with everything in Japan to do with schools that I have encountered thus far was almost identical but nothing like the anime equivalent. For the first time I got to see a glimpse of the high school environment for real life. It was a festival to be fair but the vibe was clearly very different. a lot more grown up, a lot more fun. Also got to speak to my old 3rd graders…

IMGP4295 IMGP4300
IMGP4303 IMGP4302

many of them were disappointed with High school. after all when it is your every day the gloss wears off after a while. The girls seem to have taken to it better than the boys have. I can only speculate why.



Brian has made a generally good impression with the ex Kita-chu kids. The girls love him (ahem) and the Boys are slowly getting over the fact that all the first year girls have crushes on him (Junior high is easier… ALL the first years have a crush on you regardless of their plumbing so nobody feels jealous or left out)



They also let him bang drums with them… and he is not half bad.. sort of stands out though (who am I to speak)



Basically between being mobbed by my current students, mobbing my ex students and hanging with Brian and Michelle I had a great time. nuff said.

 IMGP4305 IMGP4289 IMGP4272