It's Not Sushi - Shaved, fried Pig Ears「ミミガー」

We were at an Okinawan restaurant and one of the dishes that were orderd was an Okinawan delicacy called 'mimiga'... Basically shaved and fried pig ears.
Watch the video to see my verdict on their taste.


7 Days 7 Minutes (2013-11-18)

MONDAY 00:00:00 - MO
TUESDAY 00:01:00 - Yoyogi Park Autumn
WEDNESDAY 00:02:00 - Edit & Feedback
THURSDAY 00:03:00 - Los Popcorn Hermanos
FRIDAY 00:04:00 - Follow Friday
SATURDAY 00:05:00 - I don't like riding trains
SUNDAY 00:06:00 - Absurdly Warm

Follow Friday: Germany How It Is: https://www.youtube.com/user/HiroshigeBBSzene

Shots #100 So I did!


I sang her the happy birthday song too :p


Japan, How It Is - A long Walk from Kawasaki to Shibuya

I took a long walk from my place in Kawasaki to My favorite place in Tokyo, Shibuya.
I learnt a a lot about the area around me and discovered a few interesting places.

In a city like Tokyo where everyone rides the trains, one is limited to only the central hubs around the stations. If you never venture out of their gravitational pull and into 'interstational' space you can miss out on many really awesome parts of the city.

"Amari wakaranai kedo" by kulimu (feat. irish4t, Tsurutin)
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:


Shots #99 Alexi Laiho


The best guitarist in the world. Frontman for the best band in the world. ESP Pink sawtooth. Found this at the ESP custom store in Ochanomizu.


Shots #98 Do sunsets ever get tiring?


I was sent to Tochigi prefecture by “Highlighting Japan” to interview someone for a future article and so I got to go back to Japan (albeit for only a few hours) The return to Tokyo was a rather sad train ride but the sunset was rather spectacular.



7 Days 7 minutes (2013-11-04)

MONDAY 00:00:00 - My Bad
TUESDAY 00:01:00 - Mizonokuchi (Kanagawa Prefecture)
notWEDNESDAY 00:02:00 - Visitations
THURSDAY 00:03:00 - JagerBomb
notFRIDAY 00:04:00 - Secondary Smoke
notSATURDAY 00:05:00 - EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
notSUNDAY 00:06:00 - MORE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tunes by Manny Marx
off the Album Vagabond: http://mannymarx.bandcamp.com/

Tuesday: Broken Winged Pidgeon http://mannymarx.bandcamp.com/track/broken-winged-pigeon
Friday: Do you Really Care http://mannymarx.bandcamp.com/track/do-you-really-care
Saturday & Sunday: major Key? Mezurashii http://mannymarx.bandcamp.com/track/major-key-mezurashii

The album is available to DL for free but if you like it, why not pay what you can and support independent artists.


Some Engrish

P1020574 P1020575

The 2nd last one becomes pretty philosophical when you see it with the last one.