Harajuku-Omotesando Streets

I'm not feeling well. Here are some random Tokyo street shots from Omotesando/Harajuku to pass the time. Shot when I had a Canon 5D Mark 4 for a day, last month.

自分の写っている写真で削除してほしいものがあったら私に連絡ください。If you want your picture removed, please contact me.


Mountain hairpins, Tokyo Expressways, Monkey Business #7Days7Minutes (2016-02-06)

The only place I feel sane these days is when I drive. I need to get as much of that in as possible because I'm likely not going to be able to afford to drive soon. So till I have to sell my camera, computer and car, You're going to be getting a lot more driving too.

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Kegon Falls 華厳の滝

Kegon Falls, Nikko, Tochigi, Japan. At the heart of winter.


Looking like a Black metal album cover.



This is Tokyo

I'm not a fan of the Tokyo stereotypes. Especially the selectively chosen ones deliberately chosen to entice tourists and otaku, while deliberately hiding the harsh, rude, dirty realities of the city. But stereotypes exist for a reason, and sometimes, Tokyo really can look like the post cards.


Flashback to 2010 - Flowers for the Broken Spirits Live.

I miss this band.

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Gunma, Visual Kei, Metal,

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Catching Zs

Randomly, where I happened to be on Sunday morning, was where A bunch of Fatlady Z enthusiasts were having a meet. 

gunma japan

Yes FATlady. That wasn't a typo. Back in the 240 days she may have been slender and fair but in her old age she's filled out quite a bit. 

gunma japan

 That probably explains the immense popularity of the 350Z and 370Z in the States. 

gunma japan

Just the briefest glance at any piece of pop culture from The Empire reveals an un-natural love for, overly rotund behinds...
usually being gyrated vigorously at the camera. 
Basically, drifting Zs


Canon 5D mark 4, Tokyo Auto Salon leftovers, sushi and more... #7Days7Minutes (2017-01-17)

No holidays in bali, No shots of my trophy girlfriend's ass to generic house music (Though there are some asses to synth wave), No Lamborghini aventadors (Actually, there is 1), just the mundane reality of my life.

You really want to see me vlog? really? Maybe this will change your mind.

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Today in Tokyo (2017-02-02)

Today in Tokyo, this epicness happened.

So naturally, I asked to take his portrait 

Yes he's wearing a mask. But he's a school student so It's to protect his Identity.