Ofunato Volunteering - September 2011

allhandsWe had a Friday public holiday last week in Japan which afforded me the chance to go back to Ofunato for a lightning volunteer trip with All Hands. I put the word out as I did before, but this time the call was answered by a fellow ALT in my city. We finished our work on Thursday, packed the loaner car I am currently driving (this is why) and headed north.


Beyond The End Of Tears vol.2 LIVE REPORT (2011-09-17)

My lady told me about a live that her underclassman was performing in and mentioned that Flowers for the Broken Spirit was going to be playing. It coincided with the information given to me by their guitarist when I chatted to them at the Blood Stain Child live a few weeks before… The one I had said I would try my best to see.
It was decided then.


Blood Stain Child and others - CLUB FLEEZ Takasaki 2011-08-24. Live Report.

After the last time I saw Blood Stain Child, It was pretty obvious that I would be seeing them again. Getting to see them in my local however was quite the surprise! Even more so was the fact that they were with a bunch of really good support acts. The theme was female fronted hard rock. Apologies for the photo quality, I needed to snatch them with my iPhone...


Ofunato Volunteers – Portraits

Thanks to everyone I met. Thanks for the great times. Thanks for the good hard work. The world needs more people like you.



If all goes well I'll be seeing you soon ;)


Ofunato Summer 2011 Volunteering – Water Closets and Free Candyfloss.

The Thursday and Friday saw me back with All Hands and onto a Job that taxed us both physically and mentally. We Had to remove 3 prefab bathrooms…
WITHOUT destroying the walls



Ofunato Summer 2011– Chainsaws and FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday saw the re-opening of the City volunteer office and re joining them gave me a good chance to re-connect with some of the people I had met on my first trip in May


Ofunato Summer 2011 Volunteering - Break Time

On Tuesday All Hands takes they day off. With the city volunteers still down for 1 more day it seemed like the perfect time to get that tourism that I had planned to get done done…