Japan How It Is - Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium

What sets this aquarium apart from all the other giant fishtanks in the world?
Watch the video and find out... You also get to see some fish ;)


7 Days 7 Minutes (2013-08-19)

Monday: Endless Rain
Tuesday: I am the 99%
Wednesday: Shibuya (Again)
Thursday: transporting livestock
Friday: FollowFriday (http://xiirosary.blogspot.comjp/)
Saturday: Sexpot Night
Sunday: Sexpot Night Continued


Lies Cream 'festival', Ikebukuro


Check out this short write up on Time Out Tokyo:


It is a beautiful example of how one can create spectacular imagery with the English language. I don't want to fault the writer because their beautiful way with words convinced the cat and I to go to Ikebukuro and experience "minefield for brain freeze".

All one can ever really want as a writer is to have your words spur readers to action... The trouble is there is a line where creative embellishment goes so far that it illustrates an image so disconnected with reality, that it becomes a downright lie.


The "enormous ice cream festival" barely covered 5 square meters. It was a bunch of freezers shoved in a corner of what is effectively the entrance thoroughfare to the Ikebukuro Tokyu Hands store. Which had a whole selection of other promotions that got in the way of the Ice Cream and effectively destroyed the ambiance so much that I didn't even want to see what all the flavours were nor read all the tiny info written on tiny cards.

The companies from "across Japan" were mostly clustered on Honshu and the "local ingredients" were very general and not necessarily specific to the locations.The biggest let down however was the fact that when they said "Fans can sample flavours from all over the country" they meant fans can pay stupid prices for samples of the flavours from all around the country without being able to try them out for free... You know because insult is never good without injury.

"I felt like an asshole because I was the one who read about it and convinced her to go"

The cat LOVES ice cream. And the look of disappointment on her face was painful. I felt like an asshole because I was the one who read about it and convinced her to go to Ikebukuro to check it out (she hates crowded places).

Thankfully, there was an Okinawan Ice Cream shop in Sunshine City next door so we could have a delicious frozen treat from somewhere much further away than the overpriced mouthfuls on show at the festival.

Truthfully, if they told it like it was, I probably would have gone with plan-B and all the cool stuff that we saw AFTER the ice cream disappointment wouldn't have happened. so in the end I suppose I am happy that I went...

But I am still pissed off that I was effectively trolled into going.

That said, If anyone of you were planning to check it out... Don't. it's not worth it.

Japan, How it Is - Buying Tickets to live shows/ music festivals etc...

You wanna check out AKB 48 live? Or maybe join me in a moshpit?
Either way you are going to need to get tickets for the show.

This is the easiest way to get them.


7 Days 7 Minutes (2013-08-12)


Monday: Ride The Lightning

Tuesday: Camera Repairs and a trip to the beach. 

Wednesday: Nice Suit, No Job

Thursday: KawaSUCKY

Friday: HubblyBubbly

Saturday: Fireworks from Afar

Sunday: Ikebukuro


Words with a view.

So… not so much of a job interview as much as a chat but I should be meeting the boss next week… Damn I liked what I saw though. I think that job would be a perfect fit for a multi talented creative like me. I hope the man in charge sees things the same way when I meet him. I will tell you all more when there is something to tell…

One thing of note though was the view from their office.

tokyo panorama 1
It is a creative company and thus the space they have needs to inspire creativity. With a view like this… I don’t think they would have any problems inspiring anything. It was hard enough not to be distracted by the view while talking to the man who asked me to come in.


I want this job.




Life has been somewhat interesting of late… I had hit a number of dead ends in the Job search of late. First I wasn’t African enough to export cars to Africa (I know, sounds like an affirmative action problem back home right?!!) Then I learned that I was definitely not cut out for sales. That said meeting the man that interviewed me was an inspirational fellow who I learnt a lot from. Then despite the work being in English the Japanese web companies I applied to all had internal communication in Japanese (speaking isn’t a problem but my written skills lag behind my silver tongue.) Needless to say, I was not the candidate they had in mind. I was set on part time English teaching to pay the bills while I build up my own design and photography business when I stumbled across a job that was made for me. Sent in an application and will be meeting with them this Wednesday for a chat. Wish me luck.


I haven't died, I just moved to Kawasaki.

The cat and I are officially residents of Kawasaki City.
It has been a long and tedious move. I am hemorrhaging money and haven't got a set job lined up.
My camera is broken, I don't have the Internet and the summer is brutal. 

That said I am excited. This going to be the start of a very interesting stage in my life.