Shots #48 The Abominable Snow Beast

P1130246 (2)

Never caught on camera before, the rare Hondadrivus Japonicus spotted on Mt.Akagi.


Shibukawa Stroll

We took a stroll to the Shibukawa Besia because thanks to the fuel shortage I didn’t have enough juice to drive. Besides. it was a beautiful day. Not much to say really. The pics speak for themselves. Good times thanks to the bad times.P1130830


Shots #47 Japanese Melons


If they were charging R98 to feel one of Yuuri Morishita’s boobs, it would be a different story.


JHS Students ~5 hit combo~ No.5




Natural Instinct.

The simple fact that I (The most selfish person I thought I knew.) am being driven to frustration by the selfishness being exhibited by people in the un/barely affected areas of Kanto is a good idea of the severity of the issue. I suppose I should just continue my own way and leave the fools to their fate.

For some reason or the other…

I just can’t…

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Shaken but not Stirred.

large“Nothing ever happens in Gunma” or so the complaints go. But in light of recent disasters that may be a good thing. We get leftovers of the big quakes as we are in the middle of nowhere with regards to the fault lines in the area. That said we felt it. was rated in the upper 5s in Shibukawa and it went on for a pretty long time. It is rather disconcerting feeling solid earth heaving and swaying like that. In the end however It was the biggest quake gunma has felt in living memory and we all knew immediately that if it was that big for us, it would have been way worse on the coast.


Naeba (holy shit that’s a lot of snowz!!)

It was a sunny day. My lady was over during the day. I needed a drive. It was the perfect setup for what would become a rather nice little trip into Niigata Prefecture.
The lady is from the mountains. She gets depressed with the lack of snow and flatness (compared to Nagano not Jo’burg) of Gunma. It had been a warm week and thus most of the better traveled roads into the mountains would likely be passable. I set off toward Minakami to show here how awesome the stretch of 17 between Shibs and Numata is (and to get some good cruise on the new sound system)


Shiny Shiny

Winter is a slow time and as a result, There are not many posts.

Of late I have also been quite busy at work.

Till I find some quality time again to drop the backlog on your heads a nice picture of my super shiny shiny Zenki will have to do. :3


Another Sound Descision.


Sound System


Headunit: Alpine CDA-7787J
Front Splits: McIntosh MSS630 splits
Rear Speakers: Carrozzeria (Pioneer) pods (they came with the car and are turned very low, just to fill in the rear a bit.)
Subwoofers: Nakamichi SP-W120
Subwoofer Amp: Carrozzeria (Pioneer) GM-D6100
So I needed boom boom in my car and I needed to put my McIntosh Tweeters into this car. After much searching I finally found a decent sub at a decent price. A Nakamichi 10 incher (SP-W110). something that doesn’t require too much from the car but packs enough whallop to make my sound stage that much more dynamic.
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