Ok so a quick fill in..

I need to keep this thing going.. I know. so to fill in the long blank....

Ive had 2 months worth of crashes really. car crashes, hardware crashes, brain crashes, and now the global economy is crashing. yeah go figure :p

Basically I spun out on Haruna and messed up my left side suspension.. the care is back up and running but has a few dents and scratches....I need to get here aligned after the repairs and have the power steering looked at.. Its creaking a bit.

My pc power brick gave up the gost and in te process took out my boot drive.. I then did a Kevin and dropped the partition table on my 1tb HD. thats fixed now so i have a PC again but all the data (and photos of stuff frome here) are gone. Gotta start Over.

In a way its refreshing but then i think of all that lost data (esp the music) that i'll never get back and i feel sad.

Winter is coming here. its been rather chilly the past few nights... and the weather currently is what we in Joburg would call an average winter's day. the nights are warmer though... for now. I'm currently waiting for my warm clothes to arrrive from home. Should be another week or 2.

so yeah this is a fresh beginning on the blog front. Or rather an attempt at it. I really wonder how bored some bloggers must be with their lives to spend all their time typing crap on the intrnets... i mean really guys.. fap more yap less :)

Ok enough hating.

Recently ive started running (yeah.. me.. running.. enjoy the laugh) its fun and apparently is good for me so i'll keep it up for a bit :3 Now i need to get to studying Japanese seriously. Enough playing around.

I'll try updating this more.. I promise.