Classic Cruiser - Mercedes-Benz 350SL #JapaneseRides

Mercedes-Benz' are fast. put your foot down and they haul you forward at great haste. Turn the steering and they continue forward at great haste. But despite their massive size, weight, obnoxious presence and generally bad handling compared to their peers, even they make the occasionally desirable vehicle. My favourite is the 350SL, and this example with a sorted suspension and big wheels was the perfect example of the timeless shape, stance and beauty of the only Benz I'd ever choose to own. A classic coupe for cruising in comfort.


3 (bigger) First was earthquakes in one week (so far). #BecauseJapan

First was the M5.5 in the video above:

picture: tenki.jp (click through the pic to see the report on their website)

Then came the 4.8 early this morning:

picture: tenki.jp (click through the pic to see the report on their website)

And now this massive M8.5 that struck 590km deep, south of Japan:
picture: tenki.jp (click through the pic to see the report on their website)

Add to that a bunch of new volcanic eruptions, including volcanic activity at Mt. Hakone which has been dormant for 700 years and a pattern of quakes and eruptions all around the pacific this past week and it's pretty clear that the ring of fire is burning bit hotter than usual right now. I hope things continue at this pace and all the pressure continues to release itself regularly and with minimal force than all in one go, like back in 2011.



Wash your hands after playing in the park | #RealJapan

Japan, more often than not, is just a regular place. It just doesn't give the west an ethnocentric hard-on like jerk-off game shows and kyoto temples.


Riding, Shibuya & your opinion | 7Days 7 Minutes (2015 -05-11)

Music: Jetstream By MacSharks (LiquidData royalty free music pack)

00:00 Riding Intervals (5 seconds every 2 minutes) (Ota Ward)
01:11 Your thoughts on my thoughts
02:15 Intersecting (Shibuya)
03:11 Riding Realtime (Kawasaki)
04:11 A Shibuya crossing that's not THE Shibuya crossing
05:11 River Ridelapse (Setagaya Ward)
06:11 Reflections


Best parking location on earth! - Shots #146

clicking the pic makes it bigger  ;)

While it's only a Mondial, A classic Ferrari is a classic Ferrari, and what better place to park a classic Fezzer than the infamous Shibuya Scramble.


Yoyogi Park, Tequila, DIONYSUS & more | 10 DAYS // 10 MINUTES (2015-05-01)

because April was a full month backlog, I needed to add an extra 3 days to the beginning of May to get back to a weekly vid.

music:"Amari wakaranai kedo" by kulimu (feat. irish4t, Tsurutin)
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:


Custom Cup Noodle ✕ The DOOK | Random Japan

The Cat went to the Cup Noodle museum in Yokohama and made me custom meaty curry cup and festooned the front with a portrait of the legendary DOOK!


Epic BMX, Pixellated Sushi, Tokyo cats and more | 7 Days. 7 Minutes - April 2015

April just got away from me so I decided to stick all the best clips into one video and bring things back on schedule.

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Music by:
DJ Russel CrossFire
Manny Marx


Nagoya Cat Shrine | Random Japan

A little shrine near Nagoya Station that has it's own colony of furry felines.

music: Mr. Punch by The Living