The suspense is killing me

Got myself a set of Tanabe sustec pro 7 to replace the ailing cusco and ApexI  combo I have been rolling on since the white car. They served me well but it was time to go stiffer and fulltap.

A mate came over the night before for drinks and games and the next day we jacked up the beast and set about the task. Being the second time we changed struts, the rears were off and on in a flash.
IMG_2920 IMG_2923
The fronts took a bit more time but in the end they still went on without a hitch. We finished with me being pressed for time and when I discovered a strange clunking noise I was both shocked but too busy to do anything about it as I needed to be off to Tokyo.
When I returned however it was a simple enough fix and I had entered the world of fully adjustable coilovers.
What’s it like to drive on them? Much like the Aladdin song. A whole new world.
That said, the stiffness hurts my ass a whole lot more when I drive long distance now.

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