Shots #92 Snow HDR


It snowed the other night. wasn’t much but it was un-touched.


Mochi - Beating the **** out of rice! (It's Not Sushi 02)

Mochi is one of my favorite foodstuffs in Japan.
Check out how it is made (the traditional way)


Special thanks to the Shimogo community
for welcoming me as one of your own.


Shimogo has become my home
because of your warmth and hospitality.





I didn’t realize how much I missed home till the cat and I got home. The skies. The food, the vibe. It’s home right? It was particularly nice to take the cat there. She has been to many places in Asia and all around the USA but never Africa. Never even the southern hemisphere. I have tried to explain it to the northerners up here but the truth is
Joburg is like nowhere else on earth.


Dubai Rides ~5 hit combo~


A Day in Dubai [On Location 2]

A short clip of what video I took while we were in Dubai... read the blog post for the words and more pictures
North Sea Praise Cult: Foam Coast (part 1)
by Pepet Zintle
thank you for letting me use your sound.


A Day in Dubai

So The Cat and I went home to South Africa over the festive season so I could introduce her to my family and show her where I grew up and stuff. I like to fly emirates so We decided to spend a day in Dubai on the way.


Toyama Black Cider (It’s Not Sushi 01)

Starting a new video Project where I look at the weird and wonderful food and drink that Japan has to offer. As you may have guessed… It’s not sushi!


Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture [On Location 1]

I spent a day in Fukui Prefecture with my old university buddy. We checked out a few things and chatted about the place. Take a look.


Drive To Almost Nikko

What better way to kick off the new year than to tell you about shit that happened in 2012. My neck is stuffed so I am at home and have free time so why not get the backlog out of the way…


The cat and I got into the car and went for a drive. We had a general Idea of direction but no destination was planned. We headed up Mt. Akagi at first and were worried by the piles of snow on the side of the road. Being late autumn, we new some snow had already fallen but we expected less. There were some threatening clouds in the sky too but they dumped their load on the peaks slightly above the level of the road.


Happy Hebi

2013. Year of the Snake.

I am in South Africa at the moment. When I return to Japan I will post more. The internet here is too damn slow.

Have a good 2013 everyone and thanks for following this blog / my youtube channel.