Shibuya - An average Friday night | Random Japan Phonesnaps

Last Friday in Shibuya. Nothing special going on. Just some snaps with my phone on a typical Friday night to show you guys exactly how it is.

Hybrid Truth (BMW i8)

BMW i8

*the first paragraph may contain some un-verifiable, wild assertions

I dont like hybrids, partially because the eco lies are lies and the amount of damage they do in their production means that buying a used gas guzzling V8 would be a more environmentally friendly thing to do.  But mostly it's because they are generally butt ugly, slow and built for idiotic stick-family types who are the biggest consumers of marketing lies on Earth and thus the reason why our species is barreling headfirst into a suicidal extinction.

Until now... If i were forced to drive a hybrid (and whoever was forcing me paid for it) I'd get an i8 It's, it's quick enough and it's quite possibly the sexiest thing I've seen on four wheels!

BMW i8 BMW i8

I think I might want one even more than an S15... maybe.


My Natural Habitat | Shots #144

Two subscribers and mates of mine came to Japan recently and since they are car nuts and wanted to get out of Tokyo, they rented this here shiny S15 from Omoshiroi Rent-a-car. 
The thing is, they didn't bring have international drivers' permits, so I had to drive them around.. 

As you can see by my expression. It was quite a tedious task.


Raw Horse Meat, Kanda, Tsukemen and more | 7 Days, 7 Minutes (2015-03-09)

Published on Mar 26, 2015
Music By DJ Russel CrossFire https://soundcloud.com/russellcrossfire

00:00 Kanda Dusk (Kanda, Tokyo)
00:58 Horsepower (Aoyama, Tokyo)
01:58 Spring Skies (Kawasaki, Kanagawa)
02:58 Spring Projections (Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo)
04:04 Ishii Tsukemen (Ginza, Tokyo)
05:04 There's always room for one more (Shibuya Station)
06:03 Scrambled (Shibuya Crossing)


Tokyo Street Shots: The Living Gallery comes to an end (AkihabaraNews.com)

Retiring Tokyo Street Shots
It's been a great run, fueled almost entirely by the photography of AkihabaraNews' Senior Contributor Nayalan Moodley (flickr). The more than 300 real Tokyo Street Shots comprising the project have delivered an amazing range of spontaneous, unplanned, happenstance moments - the best slices of everyday life. We'll miss sharing the TSS, but we're also eager to move on to our next gallery series, so stay tuned for that!  

Read the rest and check out the gallery/galleries on AkihabaraNews.com

You guys don't need to worry about the street shots coming to an end though. I'll keep shooting and putting them up here and on flickr. fear not.

Subscriber Meetup - Chevy | Random Japan

Take a look at Chevy's Webcomic

I love to hang out with you guys. Thanks for the support, and if you are around, drop me a line!


Harajuku, Hyperlapse, This & That | 7 Days 7 Minutes (2015-02-23)

All Music by MANNY MARX

0:00 THIS IS HOW I ROLLing shutter
1:00 takeSHITa STREET // Harajuku
2:00 Crazy Catwalk
4:00 Tokyo's Holiest Street


Shibuya overload, Grind Chaos 6, boobs and more... | 7 Days 7 Minutes (2015-02-16)

Some of this week's content may be NSFW. You've been warned.

0:00 Hipster honey latte
0:47 Fashionably Overpriced Road
1:47 Ebisu Station
4:05 Grind Chaos 6
5:01 Hardcore peeps rocking to anime songs
6:00 The walk of shame