Colour Grading, New Camera, Random Shibuya and more... | 7 Days, 7 Minutes 2015-02-02

00:00 MONDAY Shinjuku Station
01:00 TUESDAY Dogenzaka Crossing
02:00 WEDNESDAY That Fucking Chocolate
02:49 THURSDAY Aoyama Dori
04:00 notFRIDAY The Mighty Tama River
04:47 SATURDAY Leveling Up
05:47 SUNDAY Random Shibuya


Lumine Est department store, Shinjuku Station, Tokyo | Random Japan Phone Snaps.

A walk around one of the most fashionable places for young women to spend their pocket money on frivolous, overpriced things that the magazines tell them they need to have.

Random Japan Phone Snaps are just that, and thus quality will suffer accordingly.


Shinjuku Nightwalk

2 nights ago a friend was in town from the uS for work so the cat and I had dinner with her and roamed around Shinjuku. I had my camera, so I made a point to snappy snap. Thats about it really.
Incidentally, the first one is 16:9 so you can use it as a wallpaper if you want.


Shibuya, Midtown Illumination, Hyperlapse and more.| 7 Days, 7Minutes - backlog

I fell quite far behind on the 7 Days 7 Minutes vids so i caught everything up in this 13 minuite monster backlog vid. enjoy!