New Earphones.

P1260727My Klipsch S4is had succumbed to the gym. I replaced them with a set of Sony cheapies for the workout, but it still left a big hole in my audio world for when I needed to listen to tunes on the go. Having tried them at Dubai International on one of my layovers, I decided to get me a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Gold,
The klipschs were great ‘phones. But these are a whole new world…
And price bracket.

P1260728 P1260731
P1260732 P1260734
The packaging was quite spectacular. The earphones were metal (anything metal always sits well with me) and there were a larger variety of ear tip shapes, sizes and materials to get the perfect seal in any ear.
stuff aside, once you get the perfect fit for your ears the sound is mind-blowing. turn the volume up and it really is mind-blowing. In fact, even compared to my car sound they bring out details I have never heard in my tunes before. Lossless tracks just come alive. And the bass… Basshunter would approve.


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