More shots from the Canon 20D

My S14 - Yuki (famous Instagrammer) - Betty Boop's severed head.

I was given a free Canon 20D recently. I've taken it out to play from time to time, and for some reason, there is something about the look from it's 13 year old sensor, that I really like.


I need to move back to gunma.

Every time I go back it's like I never left. I have real friendships that have stood the test of separation while I've been away. The beauty of the surroundings. Drivers on the road that don't suck. The strait-talking zero-BS way of life. I miss it so much. I'll give up everything in a heartbeat for any job that pays halfway decently back in Gunma.



New Old Toy #RandomJapan

A friend of mine left Japan and was throwing out his old Canon 20D. It still works great so I appropriated it and have been having a good deal of fun with it. 

It's over 13 years old but it's still an APS-C sensor with Canon colour. 

It does lack some recent conveniences like video and Auto ISO.

But I still enjoy shooting it even more than I do my Sony a7S

While the sony obviously kills it in the outright quality department.

The 20 D does have a character to it.

That I love.