I need to move back to gunma.

Every time I go back it's like I never left. I have real friendships that have stood the test of separation while I've been away. The beauty of the surroundings. Drivers on the road that don't suck. The strait-talking zero-BS way of life. I miss it so much. I'll give up everything in a heartbeat for any job that pays halfway decently back in Gunma.


New Old Toy #RandomJapan

A friend of mine left Japan and was throwing out his old Canon 20D. It still works great so I appropriated it and have been having a good deal of fun with it. 

It's over 13 years old but it's still an APS-C sensor with Canon colour. 

It does lack some recent conveniences like video and Auto ISO.

But I still enjoy shooting it even more than I do my Sony a7S

While the sony obviously kills it in the outright quality department.

The 20 D does have a character to it.

That I love.