Unboxing my new Hubbly

My primary Hubbly pipe (Hookah) has been well used, had numerous parts replaced and been the centre of many a good party. It still works but I found myself smoking my portable Hobo Hookah at home of late so I decided it was time to get a replacement.


Cape Town

While I was back home I took a trip to the sleepy city (they call it the friendly city but the only friendly people I met there were the one’s who were not from there originally. Go figure. I daresay it is still the most beautiful city I have ever been to in my life.


Happy fappy for Jesus H Slappy

Yes. Our heathen family had a Christmas lunch. For me t was an excuse to consume copious amounts of epic food and enjoy the weather in the back yard with family (whome I may not see for another 3 years) so I put up with the fact that it was marked on the supposed birth of that guy. We’ll try ignore his flock of sheep for the rest of this post though because Tubby is so damn cute!


Shots #74 Hooked.


It’s settled. I NEED an M3. My Nissan Silvia is awesome… no doubt, but the M3 is a whole new world… Without the singing Arab thief and his pet monkey.


Summer Holiday

In the middle of winter. Yes. I went home for 3 weeks, hence the lack of activity here. Internet in South Africa is SHIT! but hey, who cares about service delivery when you can milk the client and pay yourself a R10 million (1億円)  bonus right? F@CK TELKOM!

Anyway, for R17000 (170 000円) I flew Emirates and thus got a short stopover in Dubai where I met a buddy of mine from Osaka who was also heading to SA to see his lady and so we kicked the second leg together.


Take Shit Street

Takeshita-dori in Harajuku is a legendary place. It is the center for everything that Harajuku stands for. As a result, it is always packed to the  max with all sorts of people going about looking at and buying random things. As with any crowded place, You need to be able to take a lot of shit. That said. It is still one of my favorite places on earth.