Tokyo Auto Salon 2010

I could give you a write up about the whole thing but the truth is you just want to look at the pictures and wish you went with… so here you go… I may throw in some captions for good measure… I may not.

IMGP6378We left Shibukawa THIS early. Innit pretty?

IMGP6382 IMGP6383
IMGP6388 IMGP6386
IMGP6396 IMGP6415
The cars were amazing… no shit huh!
IMGP6394 IMGP6505 IMGP6608
IMGP6580 IMGP6621  IMGP6626
The girls however (with the exception of the D1 and Tire company girls) were clearly hit by the recession. The girls were average at best. Very Disapointing actually. Hell one of the hottest girls there was a TRAP! so yeah. Bloody yanks and their stupid economy messed up my fanservice. BASTARDS!
IMGP6586And wherever there were ladies, there were these mofos. Like flies on shit. They swarmed and went into a frenzy. Its funny how the guys with the uber badass equipment only ever took pics of the girls… Didn’t see anyone of these fools (whose cameras cost more than their cars) actually shooting the stars of the show.

So more cars then?

IMGP6423 IMGP6409
IMGP6534 IMGP6549
IMGP6590 IMGP6540

There was a rather interesting deal at the show aswell… THERE WERE HIPPIE MOBILES!!!!!!
MUGEN, The legendary Honda tuning house and their star concept… no, not an NSX. Not an S2000 not even a Civic. A BLOODY HONDA INSIGHT!!!!!! A BLOODY HYBRID!!!!!

IMGP6523 Give me a 2JZ any day.

Badass parts too :p
IMGP6420 IMGP6410
IMGP6438 IMGP6575
IMGP6555 IMGP6444
IMGP6563 and the HUGE turbo… About the size of a small child. No really… It half as big as the rotary it was feeding… Its ok… The car had a parachute.

IMGP6517 IMGP6628 IMGP6509
pink wheels are real sexy… though I wouldn’t kick some of the Up Garage(middle pic)  girls out of bed though.
And in the Otaku had a tiny corner at the back of the smallest hall for their Itasha. Funnily. It was not a terribly popular stand. Who would have thunk it?
IMGP6566 IMGP6565
IMGP6571 IMGP6570
IMGP6572 IMGP6568

and the dressup and crazy crowd was in the house too…
IMGP6519 IMGP6537
IMGP6492 IMGP6529

Best for last….
IMGP6615 Supra modded into a Shelby… with an LED bonnet.
IMGP6499 Sexier Supra with BMW lights…. Damn it was fiiine.

Amazing widebody S2000. DO WANT!

IMGP6542 THE BEST REAL CAR AT THE SHOW!!!!! Someone destroyed a Honda Odyssey and kept the lights. He attached them to a hot S13 and made the sexiest sr20 housing I have ever seen!
Behold… THE Toyota FT-86 The new Hachiroku.