Unboxing my new Hubbly

My primary Hubbly pipe (Hookah) has been well used, had numerous parts replaced and been the centre of many a good party. It still works but I found myself smoking my portable Hobo Hookah at home of late so I decided it was time to get a replacement.

I hit up the Hookah Company website as they have a pretty good selection and they ship to Japan at a reasonable rate. I have also used them before for Tobacco and a friend’s hubbly. I chose a big ass (107cm) Khalil Mamoon because they are the original Egyptian handmade brand and quite simply, I wanted something special to take care of me for the next few years.

Today it arrived.

P1250826 P1250827
The packaging was superb. The vase and head were wrapped in bubble wrap and EVERYTHING was in a much bigger than necessary box packed with polystyrene chips. Quality protection for a quality hookah.
P1250832 P1250830
P1250828 P1250831
I also got 4 100g tins of Starbuzz Bold tobacco 'cos I like the low nicotine and solid flavour of the brand. Apparently the Bold range is even better.
P1250835 P1250836
I threw some Starbuzz Black Grape into my Tangiers Medium Phunnel bowl , fired up some Japanese coals and gave it a smoke. Put simply, the size and quality is superb. It is a very different smoking experience compared to smaller hubblies. even compared the mid size one we have back n South Africa. It is also the first time I have really gotten my phunnel bowl to work properly to bring out all the flavour. That said however I need to see how it handles a smaller head as a medium phunnel is WAY too much for one person at home especially a light smoker like me. It also needs a bit more breaking in. but I am well pleased with my new toy.
What do you think? Do you smoke hubbly? What is your setup? What do you like to smoke?

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