Summer Holiday

In the middle of winter. Yes. I went home for 3 weeks, hence the lack of activity here. Internet in South Africa is SHIT! but hey, who cares about service delivery when you can milk the client and pay yourself a R10 million (1億円)  bonus right? F@CK TELKOM!

Anyway, for R17000 (170 000円) I flew Emirates and thus got a short stopover in Dubai where I met a buddy of mine from Osaka who was also heading to SA to see his lady and so we kicked the second leg together.

Not much to say really. I have flown Etihad (they claim to be the worlds best airline) and I rate Emirates better. Emirates’ airhostesses are definitely better looking. and don’t treat economy class passengers in a condescending way. The food was great.
And the newer Jets come with plug points and powered USB ports. Sadly no interwebs but that should be around the corner.
P1230510 P1230509
On both flights I was quite pleased to have my camera on board and got some rather interesting shots of the planet we live on. I wonder if the pigdogs intent on destroying the world for short term profit ever looked out of the window of their bizjets before. The earth is a beautiful planet.
What goes up must eventually come down however and before too long we descended into Johannesburg where my mom was waiting for me.

It had been a while… But I was home…

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