Cape Town

While I was back home I took a trip to the sleepy city (they call it the friendly city but the only friendly people I met there were the one’s who were not from there originally. Go figure. I daresay it is still the most beautiful city I have ever been to in my life.

Did the touristy thing with my close friends in Blouberg drove round the Cape Point area, checked out the local birds. Ate epic food and generally had a good time.
A point on Blouberg though. It sucks. It reminds me of the snazzier parts of the  East Rand in Joburg. A bunch of money and no taste. I felt like it was a place for white people to escape from the city (and integration) while still being able to say they are a part of it. Not my cup of tea really. Prefer the inner city which feels a little more mixed and has a LOT more unique culture.
That said however. Cape town is still quite a bit behind Joburg in the whole post apartheid koombayah. In a way though, I have left the country so who am I to talk right? It was fun hanging with good friends and laughing at the funny people though :D
It always amuses me how It’s technically in a different timezone to Joburg but it isn’t so it’s still bright at seven thirty.
And it It is a beautiful place.

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