Hubbly Upgrades ~ The Daiso is LIFE!

By far one of the best things that happened to me since I got here was the arrival of my hubbly. My dad and cousin back home hooked it up and sent it over via some seriously high level channels and it has been the centre of every party I have been to here. It did have ONE serious flaw (as my Tatami will testify to): It fell Over really easily.
The Daiso (100円 shop) came to my rescue.
I Gut me a rubber based Dogfood bowl… stuck it on wit valcro and faster than yoou can say ‘JAMES!!! HUBBLY!!!!’ the problem was solved.
Also while browsing the Daiso on another day I came across the ultimate tool… I don’t know what it’s original purpose was but It sure as sex makes hubbly hole poking a breeze!

I LOVE the Daiso!


Tuism said...

Oh shit I need to get me one of these hubbly combs!!

Daruku-sensei said...

remind me at the end of the year.. I will try bring one back

gec said...

The Daiso FOREVER!

Mieliefish said...

that pin thingy are used to mount flowers on when they do flower decorations :) lovely photos :) xxxx

Daruku-sensei said...

you learn something new everyday!

However, I reckon my use for it is superior.