Japan and I

So I posted this as a reply to this post on PetSugar’s Dropdead Kawaii Blog (good blog… of often too sugary sweet for my tastes, but still good) Anyways I felt it was more appropriate here than there… Enjoy!


“Nothing bursts your bubble about Japan,

like Japan itself.”


Spend a long time (more time if you are already here) and you may not love it here so much...

well you may still love it (as I do) but I have no more delusions about this place. When you see what happens to people who are not blessed with the fortune of being a freeter JET programme ALT (like me) and not just foreigners by the way… Just the way Japan treats their 'own' is horrific. How they treat the 'other' is ghastly.

Nothing bursts your bubble about Japan, like Japan itself.
I do still love it here though. I just know about the shit and can accept it because I have it easy.

Japan turned me off most anime, TV Dramas, Japanese Music and My perceptions of Japanese fashion and urban culture. (some the bigger reasons I came here in the first place)

Japan is like Visual Kei…
The band's glossy image is nothing more than a thin manufactured veneer to keep the masses oblivious. The fans are shallow, hyenas who see the band as a piece of meat. They headbang stupidly because its the required dance move and they all do the same thing because nobody likes to be the odd one out... They couldn't spot a 10th of the musical influences in the band's music because they don't know anything outside their blinkered community. It is a sick and disgusting cesspool but despite all the varnish and hyenas and shit...

The music is SO DAMN GOOD.


So what am I saying?

Japan is everything I imagined, but nothing like it. Don’t take it at face value… come here and live it for real and come to terms with it. See if it is really all that. 

I like to see my dreams of Japan as high school romance… Living here is more like a marriage… but with a nice car ;)


IT Programmer said...

what a building is it??

Daruku-sensei said...

don't know... click the picture to go to the website where I found it.

gec said...

god it took me longer to figure that out than i care to admit

Daruku-sensei said...

but at least you did!