Deluhi – Yggdalive One Man – 2010/01/09

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Yes. This is late. This time I actually was genuinely too busy instead of lazy…
Deluhi is my favourite band in Japan. I was waiting to see their one man to publically admit it, but I think anyone who listens to my show or talks to me about VK will have probably figured this out by now.
Having missed the O-West one man I made a special effort to get me a ticket to this one (I did it a whole month and a half in advance… which is late by ravening hyena standards, but I am not one so there.)
For a change I was not alone. Jans joined me on my escapade and broke his VK live cherry at the show… which I must ad is way more than all the yank supposed Visual Kei fans I have met so far… there I go, bitching again… BUT F F S!! if you are going to go around calling yourself a VK fan put your money where your hole is and go to a bloody show… Don't use the fact that you don’t know Deluhi as an excuse to cover the fact that you still think Malice Mizer is still around and that Dir en grey just released Gauze… get with the programme!!!!

ok ok, i will continue…

Jans and I had “C” tickets so we were right at the back but like all shows I go to here, it didn’t affect my ability to see anything. Being late in means that we didn’t have to wait too long to get to the action. In the short time that I did wait I met a guy in a Hibria T-Shirt… Japanese but lived practically his whole life in the US so communication was not a problem… HOLY SHIT A FELLOW METALHEAD AT A VK SHOW!!!! too good to be true. Admittedly he was not huge but he was steel and that makes up for size… He could have given hell in a real pit. We chatted, talked and bitched about the same things… yeah Its good to find someone else that thinks that there is too much pussy and too many pussies at VK shows. We were not alone though.. there was a very good ratio at the show and many looked like they could have gone in hard. Hell there was even a girl in a Children of Bodom T-Shirt, so at least at Deluhi shows.. there is hope.
The show cut us short however because even though we had no pit, as soon as the intro was done they ripped straight into G.A.L.D. I mean ripped… as in ripped me a new one.”


“I mean ripped… as in ripped me a new one.”

I have a setlist this time! which I shamelessly stole from here :p
flow snow
-Leda solo-
Orion once again
-Leda solo-
Baby play
Two hurt

As you can see they pulled out all the stops… They thoroughly entertained us and they fed off our energy. Despite not being totally sold out I would say that not many more than 20-30 could have been shoehorned into the venue… but this IS Japan so maybe 60-70? despite this there was barely space to move, and when Brian and I got Our heads flailing we there was even less space… for everyone else.

LORELEI… Leda’s acoustic guitar was hot shit… and his hand work on it would have (and did) given many of the hyenas something to fantasize about… Impressive playing. Even more so were his Solos… his first one was a Mozart and his second one was random old school anime stuff.

“Deluhi is a Metal Band…”

Leda (Yu-to) is a metalhead. You can dress him up like a manorexic lady boy but when he shreds, he is pure brutal steeeeeel! Deluhi is a Metal Band… there are purists on both sides that will give me shit for this statement, but Purists don't know shit about the music they listen to because they don’t have the balls to experience all the other aspects that make their music what it is… Yes, this is my way of saying f@ck you to the stupid hyena fan girls that don't get out of their VK closets and the dumbass metal puritans that ignore the music in VK because the artists look like manorexic lady boys (they do too!)

Orion Once Again… the sing-along version… I think we all sang the chorus 12 times… at the band’s insistence… 4 times were without music. I was both surprised at the fact that apart from a few words I had it down without ever reading the lyrics. but mostly I absolutely loved the connection. I honestly felt that at that moment, every single person in that room was one with the band. I mean there is always gratitude toward the fans from bands but that song was not them playing for us, it was about us being there for them.
Two Hurt… well it was the last track of an amazing show… there is nothing I can say to describe it. Orgasmic would be a horrible injustice. It was so much more.. It was the culmination of my existence… yes. for a brief moment… 3/4 of the way through. It touched the same [art of me that Children of Bodom did. Were Deluhi THAT good? not the whole way through, but it was the first time a J Band took me to that level of ecstasy… I am willing to bet that if there was a pit, It may have even been 40% of Children of Bodom. Which if you think about it is pretty impressive. Versailles only hit about 25% and Blind Guardian was about 23%. admittedly I had no Idea what 100% was till I saw COB so this whole scale could be a messed up attempt of trying to rationalise irrational sensations. Actually I am lying… Deluhi Themselves provide us with a word that truly explains these very sensations…

It is the process of being Yggdalive!

It left me with an adrenaline rush of note, which died just as I got into Club Atom later that night… sadly without any chemical assistance there was no way I could get myself going enough to enjoy the club so I ended up retiring in a Massage chair in a net cafe. Jans kept going though… Don’t know what he did, but I hope he used a condom when he did her.


Reitsu said...

Ah, thanks for this! Considering I missed the show [internet was cutting out -_-;], I appreciate being able to read the live report.

All I can say is, wish I was there! >_<

Amar said...

Man, so gald (Haha, glad*) to hear that a fellow metal head can enjoy Deluhi as much as I have, you sound just like me haha. I fucking love CoB, saw em several times, but I definitely think if I ever got to see Deluhi live (WHICH I REALLY WANT TO but I live in Canada) I would enjoy it 10x more then a CoB concert (Even though I met em and all xD) Love this review of the concert, hope to read some more of your work =) Hit me up if you wanna chat CoB or Deluhi man =P