Shaken but not Stirred.

large“Nothing ever happens in Gunma” or so the complaints go. But in light of recent disasters that may be a good thing. We get leftovers of the big quakes as we are in the middle of nowhere with regards to the fault lines in the area. That said we felt it. was rated in the upper 5s in Shibukawa and it went on for a pretty long time. It is rather disconcerting feeling solid earth heaving and swaying like that. In the end however It was the biggest quake gunma has felt in living memory and we all knew immediately that if it was that big for us, it would have been way worse on the coast.

We turned on the TV and watched the tsunami live, it was a shock how fast it came. At the time the actual magnitude of the event was still unknown. It seems like this was the next “big one” that everyone was talking about.

I think the news is speaks for itself though having seen some of the foreign news on the matter I can tell you that they are panicking a whole lot more than anyone in Japan is. Superior training has kept things relatively sane here it seems. But yeah. I don’t want to say anything regarding the big damage because I know as much as you do… You can follow my twitter for any more immediate information I may have.

Damage sustained in my part of Shibukawa was limited to some interior panels and cracks in the school building. The city itself was fine and apart from some worried people and broken crockery there was nothing of consequence in my vicinity.






Chris Moon said...

All I can say is ...phew!!

Keep us posted from that side!

Warren Neale said...

Good to hear boy, the fuel shortages must be driving you crazy though ;P

Daruku-sensei said...

Oh yeah.. I have 65km left in the tank but I will use 20 today... WHen I don't have to I walk or use the bike. Its frustrating but its a small price to pay. Things will be fine soon again, provided people stop acting like animals.