Natural Instinct.

The simple fact that I (The most selfish person I thought I knew.) am being driven to frustration by the selfishness being exhibited by people in the un/barely affected areas of Kanto is a good idea of the severity of the issue. I suppose I should just continue my own way and leave the fools to their fate.

For some reason or the other…

I just can’t…

Hit the Jump for a good old RANT!
In times of crisis you would expect that the supposed ‘community oriented’ nature of the nation I currently call home would show a rallying together to save and conserve that which is in short supply until supply chains can be re-linked. Clearly in the more urbanized areas of the Kanto region. The community means F@CK ALL. People are hoarding for the apocalypse and don’t think past their own immediate paranoia to protect their comforts. The funny thing is that there actually no shortage here, just slower supply chains. Patience and moderation (yes I do believe in these things when they are necessary) will bring with it more food, fuel and Toilet Paper.
The fact that shops have started enforcing a 1 case per person rule and the fact that I think people have already bought themselves broke or filled their storage space, the food situation is returning to some semblance of normality.  The bleating herd however, is still scrambling over each other for petrol. Petrol which is needed in the harder hit areas for real relief. People who live within 5km of their workplace are still driving their cars to work. They are still driving 1 person per car. Yet they bleat and whine and complain that they cannot fuel their selfish luxuries. How hard is it to carpool for a month? Buy a minimum of necessities per week/few days? What has changed to make people forget the basics they were taught in Primary school?
People are taught how to behave and follow the rules and fit in the system but when the system breaks down and there is no guiding authority explaining every little process, the deliberate suppression of creativity and random, free logical thought that falls outside “THE WAY” and the forced categorization of every aspect of life makes the average individual unable to use their brains without instructions. Logic and reason are frowned upon as they can often interfere with the system. But humans without the ability to exercise their logic and reason when the system breaks down are nothing more than livestock.
In the end it seems like the nails that refuse to be hammered in are the only ones holding the furniture together right now.
Self preservation is natural instinct. Yes. When there is a tsunami washing the world away in front of you, RUN! FLEE! FREAK OUT! When your entire life is washed away or your house is in the radiation quarantine zone so no supplies get delivered, Scramble, scrounge and scrape everything you need to get by. but when you have NO F@CKING PROBLEMS stop causing un-necessary ones that could impact those that do!
But on the bright side, the system is robust. as it returns to normality or it assimilates the abnormality, so too will the masses. They will return to their obliviousness happily ensconced in their AKB48 sound-tracked lives, completely un-aware that they even did anything. The Teachers are coming to their senses… soon the rest will too.


Nathalie said...

Very necessary rant! If only it could be Jedi mind tricked into people's heads!

Noodle Girl said...

I agree with Nathalie. If people act like that in Japan - (and I'm sad to say it) what would happen in SA? O.o

Daruku-sensei said...

All I can say is.. the peeps who hoarded cup ramen are going to have tonnes of fun eating all of it.