A Sound Decision


5000円  got me a rather old model Alpine head unit (CDA-7877J). In it’s heyday its MSRP was 63000円 so it was a pretty badass unit back then. It does lack many of the modern amenities like ipod/phone control and interfaces for imprint and other such things but it does have AI-net so I will attach an AUX in cable in a week or so which is all you need, really.

What makes it a real winner are the 3 4V preamped outputs (one of them a dedicated sub out) and the built in 60W amp which is currently making nice with my badass McIntosh MSS630 splits.

I have finally gotten a decent deck. so I can finally look at getting a sub and an amp to power my splits.

Quality car sound is as important as a quality car.


Noormohamed said...

Funky shifter.

Daruku-sensei said...

it does the job...when I have made my descision abiut what I am to with myself car wise I will get the nismo ball shifter.... that is a beautiful knob if I ever did see one.