Yoyogi Park

Memories of the sun to pass the rainy season.

Before the DELUHI BLITZKRIEG tour kickoff I went to the big city to chill. It being the beautiful day that it was, I figured that very little could top smoking some hubby in the park… So I did.
Yoko was the only person with any advanced warning… The Idea was to set up and see what drifts by. I wanted to put up a sign saying ‘FREE EIKAIWA’ but I forgot the materials. Yoko saved me there but as it turned out the sign was a rather useless effort.
P1050423 P1050427
It didn’t matter much though ‘cos all sorts of people drifted by. 2 Chinese ladies who were well past their sell by dates, A bizarre photographer, Some Investment banker wannabes with girls names and 1 pretty damn cool Swedish English Teacher…
Turns out said Swede was one of those insta-buds. You know the kind of dude who you have always hung out with even though you have never met them. Needless to say We will be partying it up again sometime soon!

One thing is to be said…

The Hubbly is one of the best inventions on earth!

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