Shin Yamato Damacy ep. 3

Luka and I are at it again.. I apologise for the lateness. I was procrastinating a bit. I personally thing this is our finest episode yet, but that might be because I put it together.

If you want to see our other stuff as well as the old Yamato Damacy stuff that was made before I joined the party, you can check it out here:



Reitsu said...

Lol! Nice work man! That was very interesting...albeit random...but still interesting. And that one woman who took a picture of you guys/attempted to talk in English/spoke about condoms was classic! XD

Daruku-sensei said...

both classic and keen... btw did u watch the other ones yet?

Reitsu said...

So far I've only watched the, "Who would you want to be?" ep. I'll get to the other ones later.

BTW, what does "Shin Yamato Damacy" mean???

Daruku-sensei said...

New Japannese spirit

David said...

This is David from Maebashi. Just looked through your blog real quick. That video was amazing.