Deluhi BLITZKRIEG Tour Kickoff – Shibuya O-East – 2010/06/05 ~ Live Report.


“It is possibly as good as a live could get without a moshpit.”

My 3rd time seeing DELUHI and my 2nd DELUHI One-man. Its Official.They are my most watched Japanese band. I kinda felt like a veteran this time. I actually could do a comparison and more importantly, I had expectations.
The set at SCUBERDIVE 09 was simply a taster for me. The YGGDALIVE One-man ripped me a new one and this one took me to levels of ecstasy that I have not felt since Loud Park. It was good. It is possibly as good as a live could get without a moshpit.
I am afraid this time around I have not been able to find a set list to shamelessly copypasta as I did the last time because I am unable to find any other reports from this show… Well not yet anyway. I am on the ball for a change :D
From here on out there will be a fair amount of comparison to the YGGDALIVE show. The venue was the same as the last time, the it was the same, The crowd was bigger but only just. It was a sell-out show but I personally could not tell the difference in crowd size they couldn’t have missed it by much the last time.
The crowd itself was a good ratio in the male-female department but there was still a severe shortage of actual men.
The set itself was shorter and tighter. there was a lot less fan interaction, only 2 short solo intermissions (drum and guitar) no major onstage fan service antics and 1 encore. There were fewer tracks to boot.
It was a Tour kickoff after all. One cannot expect 110%.
Despite this they managed to exceed my expectations and my previous experience by a large margin.

The band walked on without much of an intro or any real ceremony and as you expected some sort of long welcome to the tour musical interlude…


REVOLVER BLAST… The last major single that was released before the start of this tour. and the start of the show. It did the job. Imagine strapping yourself onto an atlas booster rocket and lighting it off. They wasted no time in telling the fans that they were here to rip it up and play their tunes. It hit hard and fast and set the pace for the rest of the show. In fact with the exception of Shade and Remember the Rain there were no slow tracks and almost no pauses between them either.
F.T.O.… The track was new the last time and as a result did not have the charge that only a well loved song can. This time that was not the case. From the moment Juri let the vocal intro out into the mike, it was like someone flicked the nitrous switch inside me. Up until that point I was headbanging and flailing somewhat and generally going apeshit. nothing beyond the usual… F.T.O. managed to kick me into the realm I like to call ‘Bodom Space’ the point where one’s own health starts to become secondary to the show. The holy grail of live music and for all intents and purposes the only reason to keep living. They didn’t take me all the way… The rigid inability of the fans to discard reason kept me back. I screamed myself hoarse. headbanged myself dizzy and elbowed at least one ball and chain (hyena’s mate) in the shoulder.
But the music. Oh the music was orgasmic.

“it was like someone flicked the nitrous switch inside me.”

Remember the Rain… or DELUHI’s biggest mistake as I like to call it. It is a crap song. make no mistake. but due to the cocktail of awesome flowing through my veins and in my brain The song didn’t suck… It was a moderate improvement but they did change it a little. They unleashed Leda. His solo was beautiful. He played expertly and sent the chords screaming through my soul. He singlehandedly redeemed the song. I can even listen to the recorded version now.
Baby Play… “We should return to 0 now! We Should return to A now! We should return to our births now! Baby play, its just baby play.”
Two Hurt… As with the YGGDA-LIVE they ended the night on an epic note. My favourite song of theirs. The song that made me a fan of theirs. One of the few songs that truly changed my life. Seeing any one of those truly soul shifting songs live is beyond my vocabulary to describe. This song has transcended music and to me at least is not simply one of my favourite songs but an integral part of my life. I would not be the man I am today without it.

A truly amazing live.

Better than I thought possible. The prospects of what the August the 1st final at ASAKASA BLITZ has in store is spine-chilling.

No I didn’t forget.

FRONTIER… The new single. The track that has hyenas wetting their frilly underwear on the facebook group and YouTube and twitter and just about every where else those misdirected decom-posers happen to congregate.
And with good reason. Many of DELUHI’s actual new stuff has been tacked on to what are essentially re recordings off the stuff on Mahadeva, Jaganath and Visvarit. It has been some time since we have had a proper new track with it’s own hype.
It was well worth the wait. It does not hit you in the face and force you to contemplate 42 as REVOLVER BLAST, s[K]ape:goat and F.T.O. do. To be honest it is a little step away from the standard DELUHI model. It was the logical next step that they were looking for after SHADE. Where SHADE was a support track, FRONTIER comes into the fore. Musically the band have reached the next stage and they can only get bigger and better.

It is good.

By now you have all probably seen the PV and heard it and think whatever you think about it. So all I have to say to that is that I was one of a select few that saw it first. LIVE…
This is where I would usually say ‘so f@ck you’
but it gets better because the global premier for the PV was at the show as well. After the band left the stage, They put it up on 2 big screens in O-East…


And in case you have no Idea what I am going on about… Its already up on YouTube.


Reitsu said...

So...I guess I was right in saying F.T.O is one of their best songs? :p

The crowd/atmosphere looks awesome!

Daruku-sensei said...

Yes, You were.. and that pic is actually from the YGGDALIVE show :p