Venus Fort Car Museum

In an earlier post I showed you that even out here in the Land of the Rising sun, one can get a nice Jozi style shopping mall experience. But it does not end there because Venus Fort takes it to the next level.
Screw Casinos and screw Fourways Fashionistas (especially the hot ones) Odaiba has a CAR MUSEUM!!!! Spread over 2 floors you can see some of the rare and beautiful classics that define the passion and power that the internal combustion engine has brought forth. 
The upper level is dedicated to classics. Iconic names like the Dino, DeLorean, S400, Fairlady Z, RX-3, Bel-Air get the drool glands pumping. But its not simply a room filled with cars, its the building itself. The american cars are in a very american setting, the italian cars in an italian setting. They went all out to present these beautiful machines in great tributes to their natural habitats.
P1020846 P1020845
P1020844 P1020848
P1020863 P1020865

The Lower Level is dedicated to the company that sponsors the maintenance of the Museum… TOYOTA.

They have a large selection of both race cars and engines as well as a brief history of Toyota and it’s racing Heritage.
P1020871 P1020870 P1020873
If you are a petrolhead, You have to see this museum. If you are not that passionate about cars… then a visit to this museum may just cure you of your terrible condition.

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