Shots #81 Too cool for the cold

I posted this on my tumblog a while back but that was just a crop out of the camera. I tweaked the levels and white balance this time around.


Come in Echo Base…

“> Well, I finished my circle. I don't pick up any life readings.

<There isn't enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser. Sensors are placed. I'm going back.”

quote: The Empire Strikes Back
We went strawberry picking because my lady had invited her friends and brother from Nagano to Gunma to have a jol. When we had degusted on the strawberry goodness we decided that a trip up to the shrine on lake Akagi would be a great plan.


Strawberry fields

Let me take you down 'cos I’m going to strawberry fields…
Yeah strawberry picking season is here. At the Harada Strawberry Farm, ¥1200 (R120) gets you 30 minutes, a plastic tray and unlimited condensed milk top-ups. A ¥1200 box of strawberries holds about 36-40 strawberries.

To make it worthwhile, you need to be a fiend.

For me that’s something that comes naturally…



A close friend of mine came on her (annual?) pilgrimage to Japan and after many attempts I finally convinced her to come to Gunma. Being the end of winter (the idiot weathermen in Tokyo insist on calling it spring… screw them) things were a bit frigid. Regardless we had a fun time.


New Earphones.

P1260727My Klipsch S4is had succumbed to the gym. I replaced them with a set of Sony cheapies for the workout, but it still left a big hole in my audio world for when I needed to listen to tunes on the go. Having tried them at Dubai International on one of my layovers, I decided to get me a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Gold,
The klipschs were great ‘phones. But these are a whole new world…
And price bracket.


3/11 Where were you? What have you done?

PANORAMA 001 Rikuzentakada SMALL
Last year the earth shook and the waves came in. While I don’t expect any of my readers outside Japan to have done anything (those of you who have contributed… Thank you.) Everyone who reads this blog and lives in Japan however.

Were you here on that day?

What did you think and feel?

And most importantly what have you done to help since then?

Shots #79 Bling Ding-a-ling



The suspense is killing me

Got myself a set of Tanabe sustec pro 7 to replace the ailing cusco and ApexI  combo I have been rolling on since the white car. They served me well but it was time to go stiffer and fulltap.