60p, a murder in Yoyogi Park, Jiyugaoka and more... #7Days7Minutes (2016-02-08)

#7Days7Minutes is all I have time for these days, and sadly I'm not going anywhere, or doing anything all that interesting either.

Yet things are still behind here because of work.

I'm wading through a crap project which is the culmination of a long line of crappy deals, but unlike all the others, there is an actual paycheque (albeit a tiny one), rather than the mere promise 'exposure', so like a victim of domestic abuse, I keep crawling back for more punishment, and this channel and my physical/mental health suffers for it.

But I grind on, and while they are late, I'll keep pumping out some sort of content here and on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/darcnoodles/), till I eventually have that aneurysm.

Famipop from Amacha Music


Tokyo Bay nightscapes

I had the opportunity to see a view that's way above my pay-grade. It'd be rude not to share it.

Whenever I see it like this, It's always such a beautiful city. Much like it's 36 million inhabitants though, the beautiful facade often hides a dirty, cold, selfish, rotten core... but damn it looks fine.


Gundamnit! #RandomJapan

This is the giant model of the plastic toy robots that all those annoying peeps from my childhood obsessed over. If it weren't for tourist friends wanting to see this thing, I'd probably never have gone. 

First and Last Odaiba Gundam.




Mt. Fuji, Akihabara and a few camera tests #7Days7Minutes (2016-01-25)

This is one of my more abstract 7D7M videos.
Bits and pieces from my last job mixed in with a visit to Akiba.

I am a bit busy these days so this is going to be the norm for a while.

Kurorak - Good Shit

Wontolla - Shape in the Snow

both tracks licensed under creative commons.