The best S2000 I have ever seen…


Honda’s S2000 is a legendary car. It is a marvel of engineering and is not too bad looking in general. For some reason however, Honda fans (In Japan… In my experience) Either go track Otaku or keep their cars in pristine stock condition like it is some collectors item or investment for future resale…


Snake Booze [Mamushi Zake] (It's not Sushi 05)

While in Nagano I learned about a medicine (that is also sometimes drunk) of which the key ingredient is the Japanese Pit Viper.


Iiyama Snow Festival [On Location 03]

Went up to IIyama in Nagano with the Cat and her family to check out the snow festival there.



Epic Mission in Tokyo.

I went to Tokyo to take photos off Johnny. He rocked up with a friend who was rather more pleasing to shoot than my primary subject matter...

Johnny Jones x Misaki by DaRC 2013

We went around taking various shots, some of which turned out pretty damn well. Hopefully he uses all of them. Regardless, my portfolio has swollen quite a bit…