Shots #133 Only in Japan

Ted seems to be working part time at the Don Quixote in Miyazakidai.


OSAKA - Highlighting Japan - September 2014

My latest published piece for the government run Highlighting Japan.

Writing, Photos, Video all by me.

Click through to this link if you're on a computer and click the play video button to watch it. do it. It's good. It also features Manny Marx's music. If you're on a phone/tablet... try it and let me know if it works for you...

it didn't for me and there is no way to directly view the video (even government magazines have bureaucracy it seems)

If you just want to read the article you have a few more options:

PDF, HTML, screenshot

but I really recommend the video.

The magazine itself is available on Kindle but this issue isn't out yet. and should be on Google Books/iTunes soon. I'll post a post when it happens.


Casio Sent some new toys (EX-FR10 )

I'm going to be playing with their new  (action?) camera for a little while. As always, WHen I'm done, the review will be on akihabaranews.com. As always. On paper, Casio cameras seem like gimmicks but in person they are extremely high quality and very appealing. I wonder how good the image and video quality will be.


8 Days 7 Minutes 2014-09-1 A buddy's farewell, Shiga, filters and more

Working out the backlog that's built up over the last 2 weeks.Because I've been too busy to think, let alone edit.

 It's just another random mashup of Japan. And my life in it.


Tokyo Rush Hour Express Train - Random Japan

The herds heading home after a long work day in Tokyo.


Hanx Writer - Get this App!

my thoughts are in the screenshot.

It's an app designed by Tom Hanx (you know, the dude who saved Private Ryan) because he loves typewriters. While they are before my time I sure as hell love mechanical keyboards and the clicketty clackkety sound they make.

No jokes. It's simple and it works really well if you need to pound keyboard on a screen. It gives you that rhythm you need to keep typing. It also showed my why my Cherry MX Red corsair board is not so brilliant for typing. Time to look into Browns or blues, since I don't game anymore and type like a mad man.

and why did I decide to start punting apps on my blog all of a sudden?
Because I can. I'm not getting any cash for it or anything. If I punt it, its cos I like it.

Operating System: iOS (link)


7 Days 7 minutes (2014-08-25) Shibuya, Kichijoji, Crazy Englishmen and more.

00:00 MONDAY Un-Train
01:00 EPIC, How it Is
02:00 notWEDNESDAY Kichijoji Street
03:00 THURSDAY Home time lapse
04:00 FRIDAY Zoom Train
05:02 SATURDAY Sundowner
05:54 SUNDAY More Shibuya

England, How It Is: Mancunian slang and colloquialisms part 1

DJ Russel CrossFire - When I'm Feeling Orange

The Living - Yggdrasil


7 Days 7 Minutes (2014-08-18) Driving through Akita, Fireworks, Udon and more...

00:00 MONDAY Train Zombies (Shibuya, Tokyo)
01:00 TUESDAY The Boonies (Yuzawa, Akita)
02:00 WEDNESDAY Driving Akita (Akita)
03:35 notTHURSDAY Trippy Noodles (Mitsunashi, Akita)
04:35 FRIDAY Fo Shiga ma Nigga! (Nagahama, Shiga)
05:30 notSATURDAY Akita Shinkansen (Daisen, Akita)
06:00 SUNDAY Fire Flowers (Kawasaki, Kanagawa)

Friday Music: Mama by The Living 

For the full tracklisting of what I was listening to in the car on Wednesday, hit the jump.
Ive stuck the location links in there too.


Cute Japanese Pussy ~5 hit combo~

The last of my AkihabaraNews.com a7S review test shots, shot in the East Ikebukuro Central Park...
It has the best concentration of pussy in Tokyo ;)

I've put 5 pics here, the rest are on my flickr account!

Tokyo Cats - Sony a7S Tokyo Cats - Sony a7S Tokyo Cats - Sony a7S Tokyo Cats - Sony a7S Tokyo Cats - Sony a7S