Driving (through life) in Japan

Many new ALTs are coming through and a large number of them have one big question on their mind… What is it like driving in Japan. Tokyo Orientation probably left many with more questions than answers (It always does… I mean, what does a guy in Shikoku know about driving in Gunma anyway?… That said if you can drive in Gunma you can drive anywhere in Japan)
If your prefectural orientation committees are on the ball, you will learn a lot more useful info with regards to driving in your prefectures (Gunma peeps, The presenters doing driving this year are on the ball so don’t worry). In the end however what it comes down to is getting behind the wheel and realizing your expectations will likely not be met.
I could go into the tests and insurance and buying a car and what not but basically, If you came here to drive, you will learn what you need to know quickly, you will buy your car and you will be fine living the touge dream. If driving is simply a means to an end, get in your ALT beater and get from A to B don’t stress.
in fact, with everything you encounter in your new ALT lives. Don’t stress. Realise that life is what you make of it and if you make a fuss you will only have a bad time. If you have been here before, use your experience but remember your life as an ALT is not what your previous life was (even if you were an ALT before)
Your time here is like driving. You can see it as a trip to a destination… or you can get behind the wheel, put on a good tune and enjoy the every turn on the journey. You decide. If you choose the latter, give me a buzz when you meander through to Gunma.


Shots #61 Coughee


Somewhere in Seisui Highschool, is Japan’s next great Graphic Designer.


Shibukawa Bellybutton Festival

The annual Bellybuton festival was upon us once again and as always I went up the road to join in the festivities…IMG_1897


Poor Mofo

P1160875This guy was walking around the Jamaican festival in Shibuya.
All on his own. It was funny how he was all shoulders back boobs out staring at all the Japanese people indulging i dirty evil gaijin culture but he refused to make Eye contact with me…
I even deliberately walked toward him and didn’t move to see if he would bump shoulders, but no. he bowed his head and sidestepped… Japanese power FAIL.

I  later asked him to say “Hai Cheezu”for the photo, but he was too busy mailing his buddies (on his non Japanese iPhone) about how hardcore he was waving his fists at the evil influence of dirty Jamaicans on his country and pure people.
Japanese Nationalists are an entertaining bunch.


Akagi Nights

A few nights back, some mates went up to Akagi to get their practice on. I joined them. and got reminded why I prefer Haruna when one feels the need to steer a little more in the corners if you know what I mean…


Shots #59 Summer Sky

This is an apology for the lack of updates of late. The windows machine decided to shit out it’s primary hard drive (been slowly re-installing shit) and blogging on a mac is… well. lets just call it a sub par experience. It is going to be a while before I knock together another long ass post but the little ones should be back from now.