Slow Motion Tokyo | 7 Days 7 Minutes (2014-12-01)

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00:00 MONDAY Tokyo Reflections
01:00 notTUESDAY Rollin'
03:00 notTHURSDAY The Quintessential Tokyo Experience
04:00 FRIDAY 36 million people and a cat
05:00 SATURDAY 2 good causes, 1 day
06:00 SUNDAY Caption This!


Random Japan Phone Snaps #5 ランダム携帯で撮った写真

Sometimes I snap things with my phone that I only ever use once or intend to use in the future but never do. They gradually build up till I drag them all off my phone into a dump folder, where would usually spend the rest of their digital eternities...

Until now.

Enjoy these random images of random times in random Japan.




Tokyo Protesters March in Solidarity with the US - #TOKYO4FERGUSON

On December 6th the African American Youth Travel Program (AAYTP) organised a protest against police brutality, racism and injustice in solidarity with the protests in the US and around the world.

#MikeBrown #EricGarner #Tokyo4Fergusnon #EnoughIsEnough #ICantBreathe #HandsUpDontShoot


CASIO Excursion Tests New EXILIM EX-FR10 Action Cam & PRO-TREK Watch (AkihabaraNews.com)

Media dudes are climbing a mountain.
Why are they climbing a mountain?
Media dudes are climbing a mountain.
Why are they climbing a mountain?
On Monday the 29th of September, CASIO held their first ever media retreat to give the who’s who of Japanese-language tech publications and a jumped-up hooligan from AkihabaraNews the lowdown on their new modular EXILIM EX-FR10 action camera and PRO-TREK PRW-3000 series watches. It was a two day affair in the northern Japanese Alps where we essentially got to hang out with the dudes and dudettes in charge of developing and marketing the aforementioned products, learn about the features, and shoot the shizzle with them, all in an environment that they envision the products mainly being used in. Of the 8 or 9 websites and magazines who were representing, ours was the only one that caters to an audience beyond these islands. Why any of the others would have passed on a trip like this is beyond me, because essentially it was an all-expenses-paid mountain vacation for camera nerds.

Read the rest at AkihabaraNews.com 

Got some really good photos in there too